Another streamer returns to BLC


BLC welcomes back daowner123, former streamer looking to once again fire up his channel with some raunchy group team action. Daowner123 averages 200-300 views per session and his channel boasts over 100 followers, so we are pleased to have him back where he belongs – here streaming BLC.

Daowner123 would like to give a shout out to his homeboys John and Jared, and you can find where to watch them rock some games here in our streams section.


So you think you know Ranid?

There are times where I feel like I do pretty well with Ranid; a cool F>M2>E combo here, some tricky camouflage feinting there.

But then I watch videos like this that totally burst my bronze league bubble. Check out this excellent advanced guide to ranid assassin, brought to us last week by NiceBabyBLC ft. Bloods4ssin. You’ll get some great dual commentary and a bunch of expert tips on gameplay, med/trait spec and advanced combos. GL HF!

BLC Streamer Krispigt in the Limelight

Our site’s Weekly Featured streamer Krispigt recently hit 50+ subscribers on his channel. He’s put up a gameplay montage to celebrate and show his appreciation, showing off some fierce 2v1 fights.

Check out our Streams section for his air times and other popular streamers. Don’t forget to send in your BLC streams/videos for your place on Baako’s Rave too ❤