Send in your own content!

The Submit Content feature is now available on Baako’s Rave! Send in your DIE/BLC-related stuff, and we will get it hosted for you. Upcoming bloggers and web journalists have the option of writing their own article, so please indicate via the provided option if you would like us to publish as it is.

Why should I submit content?

Publishing content such as guides, twitch streams, and more is a great way to raise your profile in the community. Gain more renown for your clan, or become a respected voice on bloodlines/strategy through your public contributions.

Also, building an internet following creates some awesome opportunities that a lot of gaming personalities enjoy today. John Bain (TotalBiscuit)Bachir Boumaaza (Athene) and Sean Plott (Day9) began their career posting stuff from just one, single game.

Why Baako’s Rave?

Baako’s Rave is on track to becoming on of the biggest resources for BLC and DIE, with a view to turn and expand coverage into other games. You can be sure that stuff that you post will not be tucked away behind 9 web clicks to gather dust – it’ll be up front and heavily trafficked by fans and prospective players from the community. With the upcoming release of Stunlock’s new title DIE, our community site is well placed to attract lots of followers from both fanbases.

The site right now is a culmination of all the great contributions and feedback we’ve received so far – a warm thanks to the awesome players that contributed!! We’re looking forward to seeing more from the community in the future ❤