BLC Streamer Krispigt in the Limelight

Our site’s Weekly Featured streamer Krispigt recently hit 50+ subscribers on his channel. He’s put up a gameplay montage to celebrate and show his appreciation, showing off some fierce 2v1 fights.

Check out our Streams section for his air times and other popular streamers. Don’t forget to send in your BLC streams/videos for your place on Baako’s Rave too ❤


Baako’s Rave hosting Dead Island: Epidemic AND BLC content!

DIE and BLC Community

We’re excited to announce that Baako’s Rave will be focusing on content from both the upcoming Dead Island: Epidemic and Bloodline Champions!

This means that all the latest updates, popular guides, streams, and more for both games will be here, in one convenient location for fans to browse. Sections on our site have been set aside for DIE guides, and you can access both the BLC/DIE forums directly from the home page.

Why not just make two separate community sites?

We know that many of our community are eager to check out Stunlock’s new game, but there is also a large player base for Dead Island keen to get a taste of DIE’s game play style. Thanks to BLCs name popping up in every second DIE article lately we can expect fresh blood in our community, and Baako’s Rave is looking forward to bridge the two fan bases! We’re looking forward to players moving back and forth between both of these awesome f2p titles – discussing, sharing ideas, and raising each other’s game.

So keep your eyes on this space, more updates coming up soon!