Reaver Guide


Reaver is a melee bloodline with a straightforward DPS-and-control playstyle. He doesn’t have any complex mechanics to master so he’s easy to learn for beginners, but he can be fragile if his defensive abilities are misused. Reaver’s primary role is to dish out damage; all of his abilities have some degree of control, however, and he can be quite an annoying foe to face.

 Deals 150/170/190 damage on consecutive hits. Breaking Drunken Haze with this attack heals the Reaver for 120 health. [M1] Blade Strike

Reaver’s M1 is a powerful attack that strikes like a truck. If you hit consecutively, it does even more damage. Additionally, if the enemy has the Drunken Haze debuff on them, hitting them with M1 will heal Reaver. It’s not permanent sustainability, but it’s lets you stay in the fight for that much longer.

When to use Blade Strike?

  • All the time. Spam it. It’ll slash your enemies up.
 Deals 80 - 160 damage, inflicts Disturbance and pulls the Reaver and its target towards each other. The effect of this ability becomes stronger the farther the projectile travels.  Disturbance Locks all cooldowns, lasts 0,5 - 1,5s. [M2] Grappling Chain

Grappling Chain fires a chain-like projectile towards the target location. If it hits an enemy, it deals a minor amount of damage proportional to the distance it was thrown and pulls Reaver and the target towards each other, closing the gap between them. Additionally, it applies the Disturbance debuff, which locks all cooldowns temporarily.

Due to the pull and the cooldown lock, Grappling Chain is fantastic for initiating a 1v1 fight. If they try to M1 you or M2 themselves, the cooldown lock won’t let them, plus you’ll be right next to them to slash them up yourself.

When to use Grappling Chain?

  • When you want to initiate a fight on an enemy.
  • When you want to block the enemy healer from healing.
  • When you want to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.
Jumps towards target location and strikes in melee dealing 140 damage and inflicting Stun when touching ground. Breaking Drunken Haze with this attack heals the Reaver for 120 health.  Stun Stuns target for 0,1s.  [Space] Dragoon Strike

Reaver leaps toward the mouse cursor and slams down onto the ground, hitting all enemies in melee range in front of him for mediocre damage and mini-stunning them. If the enemy has the Drunken Haze debuff, this heals Reaver for each Hazed enemy he hits. Situationally useful.

Most beginner Reavers use this for jumping straight into a fight, but that’s not always advisable. This is your only true out and it’s the only spell that lets you cross gaps and walls so it’s better saved as an escape, especially because the damage is unremarkable. If you need to interrupt an enemy and you have nothing else, Dragoon Strike can be used as a last resort.

When to use Dragoon Strike?

  • When you need to escape.
  • When you need to jump into a fight (last resort).
  • When you need to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel (last resort).
Deals 150 damage on a direct hit and 80 damage to enemies near impact location, inflicts Drunken Haze on all enemies caught in the blast.  Drunken Haze Reduces movement speed by 20%, reduces damage and healing done by 33%, lasts for up to 3,5s, damage breaks this effect.  [Q] Drunken Haze

Drunken Haze throws a bubbling potion projectile at the target location. If it hits an enemy, it deals mediocre damage and applies the Drunken Haze debuff on all nearby enemies. This debuff reduces the target’s movespeed and damage done and healing done. Damage breaks this effect.

Drunken Haze is Reaver’s control spell. He can slow down enemies to chase them or to run from them. He can hit clumped enemies and reduce their damage/healing output en masse. Or he can apply the debuff on enemies and hit them for self-healing. With a standard cooldown time and unusually long range, it should always be used when available.

When to use Drunken Haze?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
  • When you need self-healing (consume the debuff with Dragoon Strike or M1).
  • When an enemy is focusing you or a teammate.
Dash attack towards target location two times in a row, deals 60 damage, inflicts Incapacitate and knocks target back. The Incapacitate effect breaks if the same target is hit twice dealing 40 extra damage.  Incapacitate Incapacitates target for 1,8s, damage breaks this effect.  [E] Roundhouse Kick

Roundhouse Kick dashes toward the mouse cursor two times (different target location each time). If Reaver hits an enemy, it deals minor damage, knocks them back slightly, and incapacitates. But if Reaver kicks the same enemy twice, the incap breaks and deals bonus damage. This dash can be useful as an initiating tool OR as an escaping tool.

The incap on Roundhouse Kick last a pretty long time, so if you can kick two enemies, you’ll gain a massive numbers advantage for a short time. Ideally, you’d want to kick the two enemies that your team isn’t focusing. If you can’t hit two, then go for their healer. Double kicking can fit into a damage combo, but the incap potential is too strong to overlook; use Roundhouse Kick EX for damage.

Roundhouse Kick also has an EX version, which dashes only once towards the mouse cursor but deals a considerable amount of damage and Spellblocks the target.

When to use Roundhouse Kick?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
  • When you can hit the enemy healer.
  • When you want to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel (but not attack them afterwards).

When to use Roundhouse Kick EX?

  • When you want burst damage.
  • When you want to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel (and you’ll focus them afterwards).
Disables abilities and absorbs all enemy melee or projectile attacks. Absorbing a melee or projectile attack causes the attack to shatter, reflecting a shattered dust projectile back at the attacker that deals 100 damage and inflicts Incapacitate. Parry lasts up to 1,2s.  Incapacitate Incapacitates target for 0,7s, damage breaks this effect.  [R] Parry

Parry is something like a trance, except it doesn’t have to be channeled and you can move around but you can’t cast abilities. If you are hit by a melee or projectile attack while Parried, the damage and effect are nullified and Reaver instantly fires a projectile back at his attacker, dealing damage and incapacitating them.

In most cases, Parry is Reaver’s getaway spell. If he drops low on HP and needs to escape but doesn’t have Dragoon Strike ready, he can just Parry and walk away. The only thing that can hit him while Parried are AoE effects, which he can dodge. Or he can use Parry offensively as he’s walking into a fight. The cooldown is short; if you use Parry, wait for it to refresh before doing anything aggressive.

Parry also has an EX version, which grants him 100% life leech on all of his attacks but reduces his damage done in half. In other words, the amount that Reaver is healed is equal to his full damage, but the enemy only receives half of his damage. Additionally, Reaver gains a movespeed boost.

Parry EX is extremely powerful in a 1v1 scenario when you don’t have any Recovery HP. A few hits and you’ll have all of your Recovery HP back. In situations when you’re being focused by multiple enemies, you may or may not be able to life leech fast enough to stay alive. If you have no other escapes available, Parry EX work as a last resort.

When to use Parry?

  • When you’re walking into a fight.
  • When an enemy is using a channeled projectiles spell (like Engineer’s Machine Gun).
  • When you’re running from a fight.

When to use Parry EX?

  • When you’re 1v1 without any Recovery HP.
The Reaver enters a state of intoxicated madness. Increases movement speed by 33% and reduces debuff durations by 50%, additionally attacks enemies with 4 consecutive cleave attacks over 2s. Each attack deals 200 damage and knocks the enemy back. The Reaver is not immune to incapacitating effects but will continue to attack even if hit by one.  [F] Drunken Brawler

Reaver chugs his magic juice and enters a state of drunken madness, increasing his movespeed and reducing the duration of debuffs on him. Additionally, he swings his sword in front of him 4 times, each swing dealing severe damage in a 180-degree cone in front of him and knocking all enemies back. If Reaver is hit by an incapacitation, he’ll keep swinging but remain stationary.

This is arguably one of the easiest ultimates in the game to reach full potential with. Reaver can set himself up (basically, all you need to do is Dragoon Strike) and once he unleashes it, it’s nearly impossible to miss. Hit an enemy with all 4 strikes and they’ll likely drop dead.

When to use Drunken Brawler?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
  • When an enemy has no outs remaining.

Basic Tactics, Techniques, and Combos

Always keep an out ready. Dragoon Strike is your main escape, so you should always have it ready in case you get caught. However, if you ever need to use Dragoon Strike offensively, make sure you have Roundhouse Kick or Parry ready before you do. Jumping into a fight without having an escape plan is guaranteed death for Reaver.

Single-target initiation combo. The following combo can completely disrupt an enemy’s rhythm and it deals a good amount of damage, too: Grappling Chain > Roundhouse Kick EX > M1 > Drunken Haze > M1. Perform those abilities in quick succession and the enemy won’t have a chance to run away. Make sure they have no outs remaining before you try this combo.

Throw your CCs around. If you’re pressuring an enemy, most of your DPS will come from your M1 strikes and maybe Roundhouse Kicks. Therefore, you’ll get the most out of your Grappling Chain and Drunken Haze by throwing them at enemies who AREN’T being focused. Grappling Chain can lock an enemy’s M1 and M2 and Drunken Haze makes them weaker; both are good against ranged and healers.

Dragoon Strike mechanics. Dragoon Strike always takes you a certain distance. Getting used to this distance and letting it become second nature is necessary to mastering Reaver because it lets you initiate or escape with perfection every time. Also, if you’re using Dragoon Strike offensively, hold down M1 while you’re in mid-air. This way, you attack immediately when you land.

Supporting with Parry. Since you can move while Parried, don’t be afraid to walk between your teammates and the enemies. You can freely intercept all projectiles while Parry is up, which gives your team time to heal up or refresh their cooldowns. It also makes the enemy team play a little more defensively (most of the time).

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