Ranid Assassin Guide


Ranid Assassin is a melee bloodline that relies very much on a mixture between the hit-and-run playstyle and the focus-one-target playstyle. He has a number of outs (more than most bloodlines) which makes him very slippery and hard to kill. On top of his survivability, he has incredible damage output. Combined with the fact that his abilities are straightforward, Ranid Assassin is great for beginners.

 Strikes twice, deals 110 / 100 damage on first and second hit. Strikes a third time for 80 damage and inflicts Stun, if used while Camouflaged.  Stun Stuns target for 1,2s. [M1] Blade Flurry

Ranid Assassin’s M1 is unique in that it attacks three times in one with each slash dealing progressively less damage than the slash before. If Blade Flurry is used while Ranid Assassin is stealthed (from Camouflage), the last hit will stun the target. This combo is critical for interrupting enemies or setting up burst combos.

Be careful when using M1 against enemies with trances; since it attacks twice (three times out of Camouflage), you’ll need to be quick to divert any potential trance hits.

When to use Blade Flurry?

  • When you want to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.
  • When you want to set up burst damage on an enemy.
 Casts 4 projectiles over 1,2s, each projectile inflicts Vicious Poison.  Vicious Poison Deals 40 damage and leeches 40 health every 1,5s, reduces movement speed by 10% for each stack, stacks up to 3 times, and lasts for 4,5s. [M2] Blowdarts

Blowdarts fires four projectiles one after the other at the mouse cursor. Each time an enemy is hit by a Blowdart, they are inflicted with the Vicious Poison debuff. The debuff stacks up to three times per target; it deals damage over time, healing the Ranid Assassin equal to the damage done, as well as slowing the target.

Even though the debuff stacks, only the slow grows more potent with more stacks; the life leech is the same regardless of stacks. However, if multiple enemies have the Vicious Poison debuff, Ranid Assassin will leech more life.

Blowdarts also has an EX version, which fires a single dart projectile that deals damage to all enemies at the impact location and inflicting them all with one stack of Vicious Poison. Great for burst damage, but instantly hitting a stack on multiple enemies is great for self-healing, too.

When to use Blowdarts?

  • Hit multiple enemies if you need self-healing.
  • Hit a single target multiple times if you need to slow them.
  • Combo with Toxin Bomb for burst damage.

When to use Blowdarts EX?

  • When you need immediate burst damage.
  • When the enemy is clumped together (applies Vicious Poison on all of them).
Jumps towards target location twice, strikes in melee dealing 200 damage when touching ground.  [Space] Frog Leap

Frog Leap is a leap ability with a twist: Ranid Assassin actually jumps twice, each time towards the mouse cursor. With each jump, he deals considerable damage in melee range when he lands, so the burst damage potential is quite high if he can land a double jump on a target. However, Frog Leap is also fantastic for escaping. The double jump is extremely good at tricking enemies.

When to use Frog Leap?

  • To hop in and out of combat; especially good if you can hit an enemy with the first jump.
  • When you want to burst down an enemy far away.
  • When you need to escape.
Becomes invisible, increases movement speed by 15%, using any ability but Blade Flurry breaks the effect, lasts 2,4s.  [Q] Camouflage

Camouflage turns the Ranid Assassin invisible and increases his movespeed. If he uses any ability while invisible, the invisibility will break. Combining Camouflage with his M1, however, will stun the target on his M1’s final hit. Therefore, the Camouflage > M1 combo is extremely potent for setting up other combos.

While Ranid Assassin is invisible, he can still be hit by projectiles, and AoEs.

When to use Camouflage?

  • When you want to enter into combat undetected.
  • When you want to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.
  • When you need to escape.
Deals 80 damage and Inflicts Slow, consumes any Vicious Poison effect dealing 130%/160%/190% of remaining poison damage and increases the amount slowed by 5%/10%/15% depending on number of stacks consumed.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 20%, lasts for 2,5s.  [E] Toxin Bomb

Toxin Bomb throws a bomb at the target location, inflicting minor damage and slow to all enemies caught in the AoE explosion. Toxin Bomb also consumes all Vicious Poison stacks on the enemies, dealing immediate damage proportional to the amount of damage remaining on the debuff and slowing the target even more.

Toxin Bomb isn’t very impressive on its own, but combine it with Blowdarts and you’ll improve your damage output by a large amount. Because Toxin Bomb’s damage depends on the amount of damage left in the Vicious Poison debuff, throw the Toxin Bomb as soon as you can. Also, more stacks of Vicious Poison is always better. Always.

When to use Toxin Bomb?

  • When you’ve applied full Vicious Poison stacks on an enemy.
  • When you can hit multiple enemies with it.
Deals 100 - 180 damage and inflicts Blind, damage and blind duration increase with distance dashed.  Blind Blinded for 1 - 2,5s.  [R] Lunge

Lunge is a dash ability that deals damage to an enemy if Ranid Assassin collides with them, dealing more damage the farther he dashes. In addition, it applies the Blind debuff, which also lasts longer if Ranid Assassin dashed farther. Therefore, a max distance dash is always the better option (if you have a choice). Plus, Lunge interrupt casts!

Interestingly enough, Lunge is useful as an escape tool. Blind the enemy and they won’t be able to see where you run off to. Then again, it’s never bad to use Lunge offensively either. Unleash your damage on a Blinded target and they won’t be able to escape it.

Lunge also has an EX version, which is a dash that deals a set amount of damage (not distance-based) and pierces through enemies, applying Blind to each enemy hit. This can be used as a true escape ability because you won’t be bodyblocked by enemies, but it’s also great for Blinding the entire enemy team, instantly giving you the upper hand.

When to use Lunge?

  • When you want to focus on an enemy.
  • When you want to render an enemy healer useless.
  • When you want to escape.

When to use Lunge EX?

  • When you can hit multiple enemies (clumped together or lined up).
Deals 100 damage and inflicts Venom. Ranid Assassin becomes immaterial during the dash.  Venom Deals 60 damage every 1s, deals 250 damage to nearby allies of the target when the effect ends, and lasts 4s. This effect cannot be dispelled.  [F] Venom Lunge

Ranid Assassin’s ultimate is powerful but situational. When casted, he turns immaterial and dashes toward the mouse cursor, dealing damage and the Venom debuff to all enemies he passes through. The Venom debuff deals damage over time; when it expires, the target and all nearby teammates of the target take massive damage.

Always hit multiple enemies if you can. The huge damage output of Venom Lunge can instantly turn around a team health disadvantage. As a last resort, you can use Venom Lunge to escape.

When to use Venom Lunge?

  • When you can hit multiple enemies (clumped together or lined up).
  • When you need to escape (last resort).

Basic Tactics, Techniques, and Combos

Proper use of Blowdarts. I often see beginner Ranid Assassins throwing Blowdarts when they don’t really have anything else to do. Instead, Blowdarts has 2 strict purposes and you should use it purposefully. Stack Blowdarts on one enemy and throw a Toxin Bomb for big burst damage OR spread the Blowdarts across multiple enemies to heal yourself.

Approaching while Camouflaged. If you’re using Camouflage offensively, make sure you don’t walk in a straight line towards your target. Most skilled players will predict this and throw a few spells your way. Instead, go invisible and walk in an indirect path (though not too indirect) towards your target. Take the least expected path.

Baiting with Camouflage. Camouflage is a great way to scare your enemies. Once they see you poof into invisibility, they’ll usually wait a second or two and then pop a defensive cooldown. Use this for mind games, like predicting where the enemy will run to and running there while you’re invisible.

Juking with Camouflage. If you’re using Camouflage defensively, you can use the invisibility to your advantage by juking. Run in one direction, cast Camouflage, then immediately run in a different direction. Most players will think you kept running straight.

Jump in and out! Ranid Assassin’s slippery playstyle allows him to jump in and out of fights and constantly switch targets. Always keep your eye out for enemies with little or no Recovery HP, switch to them, and unleash the damage. As long as you remember to stay alive, you can keep doing this all round long and you’ll win.

Extreme burst damage combo. If you have your ultimate ready, you can inflict a TON of damage using this combo: Venom Lunge (get closer to the target) > Blowdarts (build 2-3 stacks) > Toxin Bomb. If you time it right, the Toxin Bomb and Venom Lunge will explode at the same time, which will kill the target in most cases. Follow up with Camouflage and M1s for additional damage!


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