Dead Island Epidemic Beta registration now open


That’s right, beta registrations for DIE are now open. Head on over to the site or click here to be one of the first to play. Remember that the more details you can provide about yourself, the more likely you will secure a place in the first round of Beta invites. See you (hopefully) in-game!

Note to BLC veterans – go easy on them, okay? 😉


Dead Island: Epidemic Hands on Round up


Thousands of avid gamers and industry giants joined the crowds at Gamescom Cologne last week, and some were lucky enough to try out Stunlock’s upcoming Dead Island: Epidemic at the Deep Silver booth. Check out what they and other fans have to say about it.

Shaun McInnis (Gamespot)

Teams capture flags/points around the map, they then hold the base and can pick up supplies over time. The thing I like is that it feels different (to standard MOBA). The matches are about 10 minutes.

Martin Gaston (Gamespot)

Killing neutral zombies running around the map also gets you supplies, at a much slower rate than holding onto a flag. The team with the most amount of supplies wins. There are basic walkers, and they also have super zombies in there.

Andrew Yoon (Shacknews)

Perhaps the most interesting thing Deep Silver is attempting with Epidemic is forcing teams to complete, and cooperate, with one another. Not only will some objectives require cooperation, but super-boss zombies will occasionally appear, “requiring the cooperation of all 3 competing teams” to take down.

Kelz_dunks4life (STFU&Play)

Epidemic features an immense crafting system where players can forge their weapon arsenal of choice. There will be hundreds of weapons, trinkets and items that players can craft, and once crafted, these weapons can continue to be improved to fully suit a player’s personality and play style. Combining weapons and their effects and perks will offer an enormous range of possible setups and a new take on gameplay in this genre.

Mike Futter (Game Informer)

Familiar Dead Island zombie types and weapons make appearances, and a crafting system is under development right now. Each player has four weapon slots (toggled with the 1-4 buttons) and four different abilities (Q, E, R, F). Each character has a resistant and infected form, and instead of turning into a zombie, the infected survivors manipulate the virus to give themselves unique powers and mutations.

For instance, Sledge (likely a temporary name) is a big, slow tank. However, his resistant and infected forms play off that base archetype in different ways. His virus-ridden form gives him the ability to heal allies, taunt foes, and slam the ground after a massive leap. In order to streamline the demo, skills were automatically unlocked and upgraded when points became available.

How’s it sounding to you guys so far? Are there any features or other gameplay mechanics you’d like to see? Leave your thoughts and comments below.


Credits: Special thanks to community member Eidolon for his suggestions!!

Baako’s Rave hosting Dead Island: Epidemic AND BLC content!

DIE and BLC Community

We’re excited to announce that Baako’s Rave will be focusing on content from both the upcoming Dead Island: Epidemic and Bloodline Champions!

This means that all the latest updates, popular guides, streams, and more for both games will be here, in one convenient location for fans to browse. Sections on our site have been set aside for DIE guides, and you can access both the BLC/DIE forums directly from the home page.

Why not just make two separate community sites?

We know that many of our community are eager to check out Stunlock’s new game, but there is also a large player base for Dead Island keen to get a taste of DIE’s game play style. Thanks to BLCs name popping up in every second DIE article lately we can expect fresh blood in our community, and Baako’s Rave is looking forward to bridge the two fan bases! We’re looking forward to players moving back and forth between both of these awesome f2p titles – discussing, sharing ideas, and raising each other’s game.

So keep your eyes on this space, more updates coming up soon!

Stunlock’s New Title Announced

Deep Silver announces their foray into the MOBA genre with Dead Island Epidemic, developed by the one and only Stunlock Studios. Representatives at Gamescom today note that the online PVP title is cut from the same cloth as Bloodline Champions, where the game is more focused on twitch-based action.

Objectives (much like project O) involve capturing and holding points on the map, and games support cutthroat brawls with up to three teams of four for vying for map control. And of course it wouldn’t be “Dead Island” without some awesome scavenging, crafting and customization – so Techland reps tell us we can expect that too.

No release date was announced, but Baako’s Rave may have an idea on that 😉 What do you think about the new title? Will you be one of the first to play it? Leave your comments below!


Credits: Hats off to GrimGoon for tipping us off on the forums!

Stunlock at Gamescom Cologne? We hope so!

Project O. German Publisher. Bloodline Champions update.

Chances are you’ve heard one of these terms thrown around, if you’ve been snooping for BLC news recently. Is your finger is sore from spamming refresh on the SLS site for new updates? Fear not – we are here to put your curiosity to rest 😉

From Bloodline Champions to Project O

Stunlock Studios began work on a collaborative project with Funcom AS late 2011. Dubbed “Project O”, the title reached prototype stage and was looking to add a bigger shine to Stunlock’s single-game portfolio. The studio’s info on the game is limited. However, preliminary screen caps show that Project O looked to offer a fresh take on the MOBA genre with huge, mobile fortress-type AI taking the place of the usual scurry of lane minions. The game appears to be built around conquest style rounds (rather than destroying the opposing team’s base), where players coordinate to defend their mobile resource gatherers until one team reaches their quota first.

Unfortunately the project was canned in 2012, but not without a gnarly, scooby doo twist!

Stunlock Levels-up Their Publisher

Studio CEO Rickard Frisegrd revealed to investors that their work attracted the interest of a new, German publisher. Stunlock signed a contract work 1400 000 + 360 000 EUR (US$1.87million + $482,000 completion agreement) to work on developing “the publisher’s biggest game title”, with production beginning on August 1st, 2012. Stunlock is playing their new title close to the chest, and they have made virtually no comments on the game thus far. However, we do know that production is slated to conclude between November 2013 to May 2013.

Announcement of New Title is… Announced!

A developer update hit the official forums last week, with word of plans to update BLC as well as a promise of news regarding their new title. Rumors have been circulating the community regarding the publisher, with bets placed on publishers such as Koch Media/Deep Silver, Ubisoft/Blue Byte software and DTP Entertainment. Two out of three of the a fore mentioned publishers will be making their appearance tomorrow at Gamescom Cologne. Yes, Gamescom – the largest, international games event and the platform where companies typically announce new titles to the world. We are waiting with bated breath to see if SLS will drop a bomb shell at the games fair over the next couple of days – and if they do you will hear it here at Baako’s Rave.

So does this mean for Bloodline Champions?

Let’s be real here – we can look forward some to balance/stability/fix updates over the next year for BLC. However it’s a long stretch to expect significant content developments or overhauls of that sort. Why you ask? Because Stunlock Studios is working hard to meet their contracted deadline, and motivated by the bonus/penalty agreed upon on project completion (remember that pocket change of +$482,000?) We have a good feeling though that beyond the release of their new title, Stunlock will have the resources available to inject some hard-earned love back into Bloodline Champions.

So if you’ve been lucky enough to score a pass to Gamescom Cologne, keep a weathered eye out for any German publishers or the Stunlock team. We’ll be having our ears to the ground for more info!


Credits: Special thanks to community member Damon for the announcements tip off!

Site Updates, and more to come

Baako’s Rave was just splashed with a modest update.

BLC streamers KrispigtBLC, Lothars, despiteshadows, and yuRiken have popped the cherry on the Streams section. Check out the action and have a chat with these BLC veterans on their channel. Rookies should note that watching gameplay streams and interacting with experienced players is a great way to sharpen your own game, so be sure to catch these streamers when they go live! Oh.. and about this “Weekly Feature”..

What is the Weekly Feature?

This is a rotating spotlight on some of the most notable BLC streamers in our community. If you stream regularly and are a cool host to your audience, then nominate yourself for the Weekly Feature here via email or Twitter. We will help you net more viewers on your channel – putting you on the fast track to Internet stardom 😉

Baako’s Rave Launches!

Hello and welcome to Baako’s Rave, the shiny new community site for all things Bloodline Champions! Here you will find the latest updates and news on BLC development, our community, and beyond.

Why do we need a community site? Fantastic BLC content from our community trickles in from Reddit,, the forums, and more from week to week. Baako’s Rave lives and breathes this stuff, and we’ll keep informed with regular updates from one convenient location. We keep a watchful eye on news and development from Stunlock Studios, so we’ll pass on any news short of a bowel movement on to you!

We have dedicated showcases for active BLC streams, clans, and community resources (blogs, tutorials, you name it) for you to check out. Watch the contests space for upcoming tournaments, fan art competitions, and Baako’s Rave promotions. You can also jump in and browse the latest community discussions, with the direct link to the official BLC forums.

Baako’s Rave is built by BLC players, for BLC players – so you can send in your contributions via email ( Be sure to leave your comments and love in the news comments section or on Twitter.