Storm Caller Guide


Stormcaller is a ranged bloodline that fits in with the glass cannon concept: extremely powerful offense at the cost of a weak defense. With careful use of his spells, Stormcaller can inflicts lots of damage to multiple enemies simultaneously. He has one true out and one hard CC spell, so if he gets caught in the open, he’ll shatter like flimsy glass. For this reason, Stormcaller is not recommended for beginners.

 Deals 150 damage and inflicts Static. Bounces towards nearby enemies affected by Static dealing 40/30/20/10 damage, each bounce reduces damage.  Static Lasts for 7s. [M1] Storm Bolt

Storm Bolt is a somewhat long-ranged projectile that deals moderate damage when it hits an enemy and applies the Static debuff. If you hit a target with Storm Bolt and a nearby enemy has Static on them, it will bounce to them. Multiple enemies with multiple Static debuffs leads to multiple bounces, each bounce dealing less damage.

If multiple enemies are standing by each other and you can hit each of them, rotating from one to the next, the bounce damage really adds up. Or you can tag one or two enemies and then focus on your main target  down, letting the bounces do work on the others. This is a good way to force the enemy team to scatter.

When to use Storm Bolt?

  • All the time. It’s a good source of filler damage (when you have nothing else to do).
 Casts 2 projectiles over 0,6s, each projectile deals 130 damage. Inflicts Silence if a target is hit by both projectiles. Hitting two different targets triggers a discharge effect dealing 50 extra damage to each target and inflicts Silence.  Silence Unable to use abilities, lasts 0,8s. [M2] Charged Lightning

Charged Lightning fires two projectiles in succession towards your mouse cursor, each one dealing moderate damage. If you hit an enemy with both, it will Silence the target. Otherwise, if you hit two different targets, they’ll both receive a bit of bonus damage and they’ll both be Silenced. The Silence isn’t very long, but it’s good for interrupting casts.

If you need burst damage, it’s better to hit both projectiles on one enemy. If you need to Silence two enemies, hit both. If you need to Silence one guy, tag him and make sure the second one doesn’t miss; doesn’t matter who you hit.

When to use Charged Lightning?

  • When you need burst damage.
  • When you need to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.
Travels to target location, deals 100 damage, inflicts Gradual Slow and Static on enemies passed through during the teleport.  Gradual Slow Slows movement speed to 0%, movement speed gradually returns to 100% over a duration of 0,7s.  Static Lasts for 7s.  [Space] Flash

Flash is a short-distance dash towards the mouse cursor that turns Stormcaller immaterial, deals a bit of damage to all enemies he passes through, and applies both Gradual Slow and Static on them. Gradual Slow instantly reduces their movespeed to nothing before they gradually regain it back to normal.

This spell can be used both defensively and offensively, but since it’s Stormcaller’s one true out, saving it for when you’re in a bind is never a bad idea. The range is short, but the Gradual Slow lets you escape most of the time. If you have a lot of offensive momentum, though, you can devastate the enemy team by instantly apply Static on all of them, then wreak havoc with M1 bounces.

Flash also has an EX version, which causes Stormcaller to dash towards the mouse cursor 3 times in quick succession, damaging all enemies he passes through and applying Static. When you need to escape, this will put a TON of distance behind you. It has offensive potential, though, as it can be used to Static the whole team or just inflict a sizable amount of damage.

When to use Flash?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
  • When you need to escape.

When to use Flash EX?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together (pass through back and forth for damage).
  • When you really need to escape.
Creates a hail storm at target location after a 0,4s delay, the storm inflicts Slow and deals 120 damage over 1,6s to enemies inside it. Thunder strikes the area when the effect ends dealing 160 damage and inflicts Stun.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 25%, lasts for 0,5s.  Stun Stuns target for 0,7s.  [Q] Hail Storm

Hail Storm summons an AoE at the target location which forms after a short delay. It deals minor damage over time and reduces the movespeed of all enemies caught in it. When the Hail Storm ends, a bolt of thunder strikes down, dealing considerable damage and stunning enemies still caught in it.

Proper placement of Hail Storm is crucial because you can deal a TON of damage if an enemy stands in it for its full duration. One tactic is to place it in the enemy’s path of escape, forcing them to run through it or stay back and die.

Hail Storm also has an EX version, which removes all debuffs from Stormcaller and encases him inside a shield. While shielded, he can’t move and all incoming damage is drastically reduced as is enemy energy gain when they hit you. When the shield’s duration ends, Stormcaller fires a projectile that deals damage and knocks back. Damage and knockback distance is proportional to the damage absorbed.

When to use Hail Storm?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
  • When an enemy is trying to escape.

When to use Hail Storm EX?

  • When you’re being focused by the enemy.
Knocks target back and lifts it into the air removing it from combat, target is incapacitated during the effect and takes 30 damage every 0,5s. When the effect ends, the target is thrown out of the storm towards the direction the player is aiming. Lasts for 1,5s.  [E] Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm fires a windy projectile that has a big knock back when it hits an enemy, then lifts them up into the air, incapacitating them for a long time. While they’re caught in the air, they take a sizable amount of damage over time. This is one of Stormcaller’s semi-outs, so whenever possible, try to escape with this before using Flash.

If you’re being focused by a melee attacker, you can use this to simultaneously put distance between you and incapacitate them. But if you have an opportunity to use it offensively, don’t be afraid to do it. Incapacitating the enemy healer or interrupting an enemy’s channeling spell at the right time can instantly win you the fight.

When to use Eye of the Storm?

  • On the enemy healer (best when your team is focusing an enemy).
  • When you want to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.
  • When you or a teammate is being focused by a melee attacker.
Reduces damage taken from enemy attacks by 50%. Absorbs up to 200 damage, lasts for 2,6s. This ability can be triggered a second time, firing the shields as bolts dealing 100 damage and knocking enemies away. The shields always spawn in the directions north, south, east and west and rotate 180 degrees during the duration. Explodes when the duration runs out and shocks nearby enemies for the shields remaining health and heals self for the same amount.  [R] Lightning Shield

Lightning Shield summons a targetable shield of 4 bolts around yourself or a teammate. The shield reduces all incoming damage in half and breaks after absorbing too much. The bolts slowly revolve around the target and activating Lightning Shield a second time will launch the bolts as projectiles, dealing damage and knocking enemies back. Otherwise, if the target is near an enemy when the shield expires, it will deal damage equal to the shield’s remaining HP to nearby enemies and heal the shielded target for the same amount.

That’s a lot of stuff for a shield to do, but it’s not as complex as it sounds. You can use it in two ways, the first being as a knockback tool. This is useful when you or a teammate is being focused, especially if they’re in the middle of multiple enemies. Similarly, you can use it offensively by putting it on a teammate right before they jump in, then activating it for the damage.

When to use Lightning Shield?

  • When you or a teammate is being focused by an enemy.
  • When you or a teammate is about to jump into a clump of enemies.
Fires lightning in a cone over 2,4s, deals 340 damage per second and inflicts Slow. The Stormcaller is not immune to incapacitating effects but will continue to attack even if hit by one. The Stormcaller is slowed by 20% while channeling.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 20%, lasts for 1s.  [F] Emperor’s Wrath

Emperor’s Wrath discharges a massive burst of electricity in a cone-shaped melee-ranged pattern towards the mouse cursor, dealing tons of damage per second and slowing all enemies caught in it. This is a channeled ability but Stormcaller can move with reduced movespeed while channeling it. If he’s incapacitated mid-channel, he’ll keep discharging while remaining stationary.

This ultimate is a big controversial in some ways. All of Stormcaller’s spells are meant to be punishing from range, but his ultimate requires you to get up close and personal. In this way, Emperor’s Wrath is somewhat situational because it requires you to be in a position you wouldn’t normally be in.

It’s a bit dangerous to go waltzing into enemies in order to use your ultimate. Using Flash to close the gap is equally dangerous because it leaves you without an emergency out. But if an enemy jumps in on you and has no outs left, that’s the best (and arguably only) time to use Emperor’s Wrath.

When to use Emperor’s Wrath?

  • When you’re already next to an enemy that has no outs remaining.

Basic Tactics, Techniques, and Combos

Stay at range at all times. Stormcaller’s spell ranges are long enough that you can always be a nuisance from afar. His M1 spam is strong in itself, but Charged Lightning, Hail Storm, and Eye of the Storm can all be used from a good distance. If the enemy jumps on you, use Flash or Eye of the Storm to put some distance again. Always stay back.
Lots of control and support. Despite his glass cannon playstyle, Stormcaller can really help out his team through careful use of Eye of the Storm and Lightning Shield. To put the pressure on the enemy team, constantly throw your Eye on their healer and Lightning Shield your aggressive teammate. That should give you enough space to sit back and fire away on all cylinders.

Big AoE massacre combo. If the enemy team is clumped together, use Flash EX to tag them all with the Static debuff and light them up with M1 spam. The projectiles bouncing between them won’t only deal damage, but it’ll confuse them and even make them panic in an effort to dodge.

Use Hail Storm EX! It may seem like a waste to disable yourself, but Hail Storm EX can be a great way to counter melee attackers. The important aspect is its timing: you have to shield yourself right before the big burst damage hits you. If you can pull it off, the projectile damage is stronger than most ultimates. Needless to say, it’s somewhat situational.

Hail Storm and Emperor’s Wrath. If the enemy team is clumped together, one combo you can use is to drop a Hail Storm on them before blasting away with Emperor’s Wrath. Both spells slow enemies and stack together, so it’ll be even harder for them to walk out of it. This makes it really easy to unleash full damage on a target, especially if they have no outs.

All-In damage combo. If you want to gamble everything you have to kill an enemy, try this: Charged Lightning > Hail Storm > Lightning Shield (on self) > Flash > Emperor’s Wrath. The Charged Lightning’s silence will keep them from escaping the Hail Storm. The Lightning Shield will keep you safe while you’re channeling Wrath. Afterwards, you’ll have no outs except Eye of the Storm, so use this only when you can guarantee a kill. Cancel the combo if Charged Lightning misses, of course.


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