Stalker Guide


Stalker is a melee bloodline that does exactly what her name suggests: stalks her prey. She is a single-target burst damage extraordinaire and excels at putting out profuse amounts of pressure on any particular enemy. Even though she is extremely agile, she’s also very fragile; in addition, she requires a lot of map awareness and proper knowledge of which targets to attack. Therefore, she is not recommended for beginners.

 Deals 130/150/170 damage on consecutive hits [M1] Quick Strike

Quick Strike is Stalker’s basic M1 attack. It has an above average attack speed and deals more damage on consecutive hits. There is no secondary effect on Quick Strike, making it one of the more bland M1s in the game, but the damage can be empowered through some of her other spells.

One thing to note: unlike other melee M1s, Quick Strike makes Stalker lunge forward as she attacks. This can really mess up newer players, especially when they try to attack while moving. It’ll take a while to get used to it, but mastering this small-but-significant oddity will instantly boost your M1 DPS as Stalker.

When to use Quick Strike?

  • All the time. Strike your enemies down.
 Deals 120 damage, inflicts Shadow Strike on enemy and applies Dark Chase on self.  Shadow Strike Reduces movement speed by 15%, lasts for 4s.  Dark Chase Increases movement speed by 20%, all damage dealt to target affected by Shadow Strike is increased by 20%, lasts for 4s. [M2] Shadow Strike

Shadow Strike fires a fast projectile that deals mediocre damage when it hits an enemy. It applies the Shadow Strike debuff on the enemy AND applies the Dark Chase buff on herself. Shadow Strike reduces an enemy’s movespeed while Dark Chase increases Stalker’s movespeed. In addition, all damage that Stalker deals to a target with the Shadow Strike debuff is increased.

The primary use of Shadow Strike is to hit your intended target and then spam your M1 on them. The increased damage is painful and the debuff/buff combination makes it easier to chase and hit them. Another use for Shadow Strike is to hit an enemy–any enemy–and utilize the Dark Chase buff’s increased movespeed to run away.

When to use Shadow Strike?

  • When you’re about to focus an enemy.
  • When you need to escape.
Teleports to target location, applies Shadow Blades on self.  Shadow Blades Increases damage done by 20%, lasts 5s.  [Space] Deviate

Deviate instantly teleports the Stalker to the target location and applies the Shadow Blades buff on herself. Shadow Blades temporarily increases all of the damage dealt by Stalker. There’s really nothing more to say. Use this when you plan on killing someone.

When you need it, Deviate can be used as an escape.

When to use Deviate?

  • Right before unleashing a combo on an enemy.
  • When you need to escape.
Dashes back and forth 2 times in a row hitting all enemies in its path, inflicts Slow on the first attack and deals 140 damage and inflicts Incapacitate on the second attack, The Stalker is immaterial during the dash.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 20%, lasts for 1,5s.  Incapacitate Incapacitates target for 0,6s, damage breaks this effect.  [Q] Puncturing Strike

Puncturing Strike turns Stalker and causes her to dash to the target location and immediately dash back to her original position. All enemies hit by the first dash are slowed. All enemies hit by the return dash take damage and are incapacitated. This ability is useful for interrupting enemies while mid-cast. The damage and incap are good but nothing special.

Because Stalker turns immaterial during the dashes, you can use this ability to dodge incoming spells and attacks. When timing the dodge, make sure you compensate for the cast time.

Puncturing Strike also has an EX version, which dashes 3 times: to the target location, back to the original position, and back to the target location. The first and second dash do the same things as the non-EX version, but the last dash puts you in a new position, which means Puncturing Strike EX is useful as another out for Stalker.

When to use Puncturing Strike?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together or lined up.
  • When you want to set up a combo with a teammate.

When to use Puncturing Strike EX?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together or lined up.
  • When you need to escape.
Deals 100 damage and inflicts Cloak of Darkness.  Cloak of Darkness Becomes invulnerable, immaterial, invisible and unable to use abilities, reduces movement speed by 15%, deals 160 damage and inflicts Slow on nearby allies of the target when the effect ends. Lasts for 2s.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 15%, lasts for 2s.  [E] Black Dagger

Black Dagger is probably the hardest spell to use correctly as Stalker. It fires a dagger projectile that deals damage and applies the Cloak of Darkness debuff. This debuff reduces movespeed and turns the target invisible, immaterial, invulnerable, and unable to use any abilities. When the effect ends, they reappear and explode, slowing and dealing damage to other nearby enemies.

A lot of new Stalker players will absent-mindedly Black Dagger the target that they actually want to attack. Obviously, this is no good. The proper use of Black Dagger is to hit an enemy that none of your teammates are focusing. You essentially give your team a temporary one-man advantage.

When to use Black Dagger?

  • On the enemy that no one is focusing.
  • When you need to escape (hit your pursuer).
Applies Stalker's Cloak on target ally, all negative effects are removed, removing a negative effect heals the target for 140 health.   Stalker's Cloak Reduces damage taken by 33%, lasts for 3s.  [R] Stalker’s Cloak

Stalker’s Cloak is a defensive ability that targets herself or teammates. It removes all debuffs from the target and applies the Stalker’s Cloak buff on them, which reduces all incoming damage. If Stalker removes at least one debuff, the target is healed. Knowing when to use this spell is crucial because it can save your teammates’ lives multiple times per round.

In BLC, the most powerful debuffs are those that disable your teammates and keep them out of the fight. Therefore, in most cases, you’ll want to save Stalker’s Cloak until a teammate is incapacitated, stunned, or otherwise hard disabled. However, if they’re low on health, you can always help out by removing any debuff and healing them.

Stalker’s Cloak also has an EX version, which also removes debuffs from the target and heals if at least one debuff is removed. However, in addition to the damage reduction, Stalker’s Cloak EX also turns the target invisible and increases their movespeed.

When to use Stalker’s Cloak?

  • When a teammate has been hard disabled.
  • When a teammate has a debuff and needs healing.
  • When you or a teammate is being focused (for the damage reduction).

When to use Stalker’s Cloak EX?

  • When a teammate has no outs remaining and needs to escape.
  • When your teammate is about to jump on an enemy (invisibility for surprise).
Teleports to target location, applies Shadow Hunt on self.  Shadow Hunt Next melee attack deals 80 additional damage and resets the cooldown of Deviate. Using Deviate while under Shadow Hunt resets this effect. Attacking the same target again after using Deviate reduces the bonus damage by 40, attacking a new target resets the bonus damage. Additionally reduces debuff durations by 33% and the cooldown of Deviate down to 3s. Shadow Hunt cannot be dispelled and lasts 8s.  [F] Shadow Hunt

When Shadow Hunt is casted, Stalker instantly teleports to the target location and applies the Shadow Hunt buff on herself. With this buff, Stalker’s next M1 attack deals bonus damage and resets the cooldown of Deviate. Additionally, debuff durations are reduced and Deviate’s cooldown is shortened while Stalker has this buff.

Also, when you hit an enemy after using Deviate, the damage bonus lessens until you hit a different enemy. This can make it a little tricky to maximize your damage output.

This ultimate is what makes Stalker so menacing. Once she has 100% energy, she can poof around the battlefield and slice up her enemies one by one. As easy as it sounds, Shadow Hunt can be difficult to use well because you’re jumping here and there and everything is just plain chaotic.

When to use Shadow Hunt?

  • When an enemy has no outs remaining.
  • When an enemy has little or no Recovery HP.

Basic Tactics, Techniques, and Combos

M1 dancing. When other melee bloodlines use M1, they swipe in the direction of the cursor and that’s it. But when Stalker uses M1, she lunges toward the cursor as she strikes. This presents an interesting mechanic because she can simultaneously “run away” and “attack,” which forces her to lunge to attack, step back, lunge forward to attack, step back, etc. Use this “dancing” technique while circling around the target and they’ll have a real hard time hitting you back.

If possible, walk! It can be tempting to always use Deviate or Puncturing Strike EX when you need to get somewhere quickly, but don’t use them if you can help it. There’s nothing wrong with walking up to an enemy if you can do it safely. This way, you can bait the enemy to use their escape spells, which you can now follow up with Deviate and wreck them even harder.

Always Shadow Strike your target. By your target, I mean the one you’re planning on attacking. The damage bonus only applies to you, so if you Shadow Strike someone and don’t attack them, that damage bonus is being wasted. Using it in any other way (other than to escape) is a waste.

Maximum damage output. I repeat, Stalker is a single-target damage output machine. The best way to deal as much damage as possible, as quick as possible, is to Shadow Strike your target then Deviate to them. The bonus damage from both buffs stack, giving Stalker an immense boost to her M1 damage. Combine this with M1 dancing and you’ll tear through enemies like a chainsaw through butter.

Efficient energy gain. Other than M1, Stalker’s only reliable energy gain comes from Shadow Strike and Black Dagger. Shadow Strike in particular grants a ton of energy for a successful hit, so don’t miss them! If you can hit Puncturing Strike on multiple enemies, it can build a lot of energy, too. It grants 3% per hit and each target is hit twice, so if you catch 3 enemies in it, you’ll gain 18% energy.

Guaranteed disable combo. If you want to guarantee a Black Dagger on someone (e.g., enemy healer), use this combo: Deviate > Puncturing Strike > Black Dagger. The incap is all you need to ensure a hit.

Don’t be discouraged. Stalker is legitimately one of the hardest bloodlines to learn. Anyone can spam M1, but juggling her spells and maximizing her DPS takes a lot of practice. If you really want to learn Stalker, you’re going to have to invest a lot of time, so don’t be discouraged.


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