Spear Master Guide


Spear Master is a melee bloodline designed to be evasive and punishing. He can put out a ton of damage (one of the best damagers in the game) all while dodging and evading attacks with finesse. A skilled Spear Master is one of the most frightening enemies in BLC as he’ll tear up his opponents without receiving a single scratch.

 Deals 140/160/180 damage on consecutive hits. [M1] Spear Slash

This is your bread and butter skill. Without a doubt, Spear Slash will often account for 50% or more of Spear Master’s damage output. It isn’t necessarily the strongest M1 in the game, nor does it have any special secondary effects. All you need to do is hit your enemy consecutively and they’ll feel the hurt.

When to use Spear Slash?

  • All the time. Seriously, it’s your bread and butter.
 Deals 140 damage, inflicts Immobilize and pulls the Spear Master to target location.  Immobilize Movement speed is reduced to 0% for 1s. [M2] Harpoon

One of the best initiation skills in the game. When you hit an enemy with it, it deals a considerable amount of damage and pulls you over to them. In addition, it slows their movespeed to nothing, allowing you to get in a guaranteed M1 hit or two. It meshes very well with Spear Master’s in-and-out playstyle.

Harpoon also has an EX version, which deals even more damage and pulls the enemy to you. The projectile even travels faster, which makes it easier to hit / harder to dodge. It’s absolutely fine to spam Harpoon EX all round long, especially when you’re facing slippery opponents that are constantly running away.

When to use Harpoon?

  • When you want to quickly enter a fight.
  • When an enemy is beating on your teammate.
  • When an enemy is trying to escape.
  • When you want to combo for burst damage.

When to use Harpoon EX?

  • When you want to separate an enemy from his team.
  • When you want to pull an enemy beating on your teammate.
  • When an enemy is trying to escape.
  • When you want to combo for burst damage.
Removes all movement-impairing effects and affects self with Fleetfoot.  Fleetfoot Makes you invulnerable and immaterial, increases movement speed by 35%, all damage done during this effect is reduced by 50%. Lasts 1,3s.  [Space] Fleetfoot

Fleetfoot is extremely good because it has an instant cast. This means you have the most room for error in reaction time when dodging projectiles and abilities. It removes all movespeed-reducing effects on you, makes you move faster, AND you become invulnerable/immaterial so you can move through people freely without being hurt. The downside is that your damage output is cut in half while it’s active.

Fleetfoot also has an EX version, which causes you to dash towards your cursor. You are immaterial during the dash, though not invulnerable, and all enemies you dash through receive damage and have their cooldowns locked temporarily. Cooldown locks are particularly annoying.

When to use Fleetfoot?

  • When you’re being focused by multiple enemies.
  • When you need to dodge an incoming projectile but can’t walk out in time.
  • When you need to purge yourself of movespeed debuffs.
  • When a timed effect is about to burst (e.g., Ranid’s ultimate or Seeker’s ultimate).

When to use Fleetfoot EX?

  • When you can hit multiple enemies with it.
  • When you want to combo for burst damage.
Deals 120 damage and inflicts Incapacitate.  Incapacitate Incapacitates target for 1,6s, damage breaks this effect.  [Q] Whirling Blade

Whirling Blade is Spear Master’s only CC, but it’s a good one. It deals damage to and incapacitates all enemies in a 180-degree arc in front of you. Absolutely crucial for setting up devastating burst combos, but also useful for buying yourself some time if you need to get away.

Keep in mind that the energy gain is dependent on the number of enemies you hit. You can build a good chunk of energy just by using Whirling Blade in the middle of three enemies.

When to use Whirling Blade?

  • When you’re in the middle of multiple enemies.
  • When you need to interrupt an enemy’s channel or cast time.
  • When you need a few seconds to escape.
  • When you can set up a good combo with a teammate or the rest of your abilities.
Deals 180/120/60 damage and inflicts Slow, bounces between enemy champions up to 3 times, each bounce reduces damage.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 25%, lasts for 2s.  [E] Shuriken Throw

Shuriken Throw doesn’t look very strong on paper, but it’s extremely potent on the battlefield. It deals damage and slows every enemy it hits. The shuriken bounces up to 3 times, so if your enemies are clumped together, it inflicts a good bit of burst damage. The slow also lets you chase and catch up to enemies, where you can then beat on them with M1s and such.

When to use Shuriken Throw?

  • When the enemies are clumped together.
  • When you need to slow an enemy.
  • When you want to combo for burst damage.
Negates the next projectile, melee or direct area damage attack directed at the Spear Master within 1,2s. Negating an attack removes all negative effects that cause the Spear Master to lose control, additionally teleports the Spear Master behind the attacker, deals 180 damage and inflicts Slow on the attacker.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 33%, lasts for 2,5s.  [R] Kunju

Kunju is Spear Master’s trademark ability. He spins his spear, enters a trance, and if anything hits him, he appears behind the attacker and inflicts damage and slows the attacker’s movespeed. The ability has a slight cast time, however, so your reaction time must be top-notch if you want to use it well.

If the enemy is being highly aggressive, save your Harpoon and use Kunju to enter battle. Unlike Harpoon, Kunju doesn’t miss.

When to use Kunju?

  • When a devastating spell is heading your way.
  • When you’re trading M1 hits with an enemy melee attacker.
  • When you’re in a chaotic battle and want to reorient yourself.
Makes you immune to movement impairing effects, increases movement speed by 20%, lasts for 3s. Deals 300 damage every 1s to nearby enemies.The Spearmaster is not immune to incapacitating effects but will continue to attack even if hit by one.  [F] Whirlwind

In-and-out playstyle. I mentioned before that Spear Master has an in-and-out playstyle. You don’t have much HP and you don’t have many outs. If your Fleetfoot is on cooldown, you don’t have any other outs except maybe Kunju, but even then you’ll still be near an enemy. To capitalize on this weakness, you need to jump in (Harpoon or Kunju), inflict maximum damage (M1, Harpoon, Whirling Blade, Shuriken, Kunju), and then get out (Fleetfoot). Wait for your cooldowns to reset, then do it again.

EX abilities vs. Ultimate. Spear Master’s ultimate is nice, but very one-dimensional. If you can’t hit multiple enemies with it, you’re wasting a ton of its potential. On the flipside, Spear Master is a single-target destroyer and his EX abilities help him to do that. Harpoon EX deals more damage than just Harpoon and Fleetfoot EX grants him another way of dealing damage. Spamming the EX abilities may prove more useful against most compositions.

Save Fleetfoot! Don’t use Fleetfoot to get somewhere quicker. Always save it for when you need an escape. It’s your only real out, so don’t blow it!

Don’t always save your Kunju. Kunju is one of those high-skill abilities that can appear quite flashy if you use it to negate a powerful spell. On the one hand, it’s technically more efficient to Kunju a high-damage EX ability than it is to Kunju a weak M1. However, don’t always save your Kunju for the “best possible moment,” because those moments don’t always come. If someone is wailing on you, Kunju. It does damage and disorients your enemy, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Burst combos. As noted before, Spear Master is a master of single-target burst damage. You want to break through an enemy’s Recovery HP and force them to lose their Real HP. In order to do this, you need to combo your abilities all at once so the enemy doesn’t have time to heal up. Abilities you should use in a combo: M1, Kunju, Harpoon, Shuriken, Whirling Blade, and sometimes Tempest.

Choosing the right target. Because Spear Master is a single-target destroyer, you need to learn to choose the right targets. Wasting your single-target burst on the wrong target can spell disaster for your team’s performance. When possible, always go for the enemy that has no outs and the least Recovery HP. This maximizes your burst damage impact and they’ll have no way to escape it.

M1, M1, M1. Yes, Spear Master does need to combo his abilities, but don’t always throw them one after another. Mix them up with some M1 strikes. Like mentioned before, the M1 damage should account for around 50% of your total damage output or more. Whenever possible, slash your enemies with M1. Only burst them when the opportunity presents itself.


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