Sentinel Guide


Sentinel is a tank bloodline that offers a lot of control at the expense of survivability. He can zip around the map and confuse his enemies, but doesn’t have many abilities to support his teammates. However, if you like to get right in the fight and force enemies into making tough decisions, Sentinel may be for you.

 Deals 130/150/170 damage on consecutive hits and inflicts Enfeeble.  Enfeeble Reduces healing received by 6%, stacks up to 3 times, lasts 5s. [M1] Hammer Slam

Hammer Slam’s damage is mediocre, which is to be expected from a tank. Consecutive hits increase its damage and each hit inflicts a stack of the Enfeeble debuff on the target. This debuff reduces the amount of healing that the target receives. Therefore, you should always focus a singular enemy with your teammates. The reduced healing puts a lot of pressure on the enemy’s shoulders.

When to use Hammer Slam?

  • Spam on the enemy your team is focusing.
  • When you have nothing else to do.
 Deals 140 damage, inflicts Slow, Stun and pulls the Sentinel to the target. This ability can be used on solid objects and allies resetting its cooldown. The cooldown reset can only occur once every 3s.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 33%, lasts for 2s.  Stun Stuns target for 0,5s. [M2] Stone Grapple

Stone Grapple is a hookshot-type ability that makes Sentinel quite mobile. If it hits an enemy, it pulls the Sentinel over to them, inflicts a moderate amount of damage, mini-stuns, and slows their movespeed. The stun and slow make this great in combination with his M1s: switch targets, focus them down.

This ability has a second component: if you hit an ally or a solid object (pillar, wall, etc.), then the cooldown resets and you can cast it again. This cooldown reset mechanic can happen once every 3 seconds. Take advantage of this aspect of Stone Grapple to traverse the map quickly. If a teammate or pillar is standing between you and your target, use them to cross that space quickly.

When to use Stone Grapple?

  • When you want to switch targets.
  • When you want to cross empty space quickly.
  • When you need burst damage.
Travels to target location, deals 100 damage and inflicts Slow on nearby enemies after a 0,9s delay. This ability can be triggered a second time causing the Sentinel to knock his enemies into the air for 1,9s instead of inflicting Slow.  [Space] Crumble

Crumble is an instant-cast teleport spell, although the actual arrival of the teleport is a bit delayed. Sentinel disappears when it’s cast and reappears when the delay is over, dealing damage and slowing all enemies in an AoE at the target location. If the ability is cast again while Sentinel is teleporting, he’ll knocks the enemies into the air instead of slowing them.

This spell is quite versatile. Use it as an intiating tool; the slow lets you beat on enemies for a while. Use it as a supportive spell on enemies that are focusing your teammates; knock them into the air and give your teammate some breathing room. Or use it as an escape; the instant cast lets you dodge almost any spell in the game.

When to use Crumble?

  • On enemies focusing your teammates.
  • On the enemy you want to focus down.
  • When you need to escape.
  • Double-cast to knock into the air instead of slowing.
Charging attack that fires a massive bolt. The bolt deals 100 - 240 damage on direct hit and 50 - 120 damage to enemies near the impact location and inflicts Molten Shackles.  Molten Shackles Becomes unable to cast abilities, reduces movement speed by 33%, reduces damage taken by 75%, energy gains from enemy attacks are reduced by 75%, breaks after absorbing 80 damage, lasts up to 0,5s - 2s.  [Q] Molten Surge

Molten Surge is a charged ability: you hold the key down, it channels, then you let go when you want to fire it. This projectile deals damage to the first enemy it hits, splashes damage to other nearby enemies, and inflicts the Molten Shackles debuff. The longer you charge, the more damage it deals and the longer the debuff lasts.

The Molten Shackles debuff silences the target, reduces movespeed, reduces the damage they take, and reduces the energy gain of their spells. Molten Shackles breaks after absorbing too much damage, cutting the debuff short.

Molten Surge also has an EX version, which causes Sentinel to spin around and deal damage to all nearby enemies as well as knocking them away from him. The damage on this EX ability is considerable, making it good to combo for melee burst damage. Also useful to push away enemies focusing a teammate.

When to use Molten Surge?

  • When you want to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.
  • When you need burst damage.

When to use Molten Surge EX?

  • To push away enemies focusing a teammate.
  • When you need burst damage.
Creates a fissure in a line in front of you that erupts when hitting a solid object or after a 0,6s delay. The impact deals 120 damage, inflicts Earth Shiver and knocks enemies away.  Earth Shiver Reduces damage done by 40% and movement speed by 15% for 3,5s.  [E] Fissure

Fissure sends out an earthen fissure towards the target location. After a delay, the fissure erupts, dealing damage and applying the Earthen Shiver debuff to all enemies caught in it and knocking them to the side. Earthen Shiver reduces movespeed and damage done by the target. If fissure hits a pillar, a gap, or a wall before the delay, it instantly erupts.

Fissure is useful for scattering clumped-together enemies. The damage is nothing special, but the knockback can really disrupt an enemy team’s coordination and formation. Also, Fissure does not trigger trances, so use that to your advantage.

Fissure also has an EX version, which charges up a projectile that explodes at the target location and heals all nearby teammates. Sentinel himself is healed when the projectile fires, too. The longer the charge, the greater the heal.

When to use Fissure?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together or lined up.
  • When a teammate is being focused by multiple melee attackers.

When to use Fissure EX?

  • When a teammate needs quick healing.
  • When you can catch multiple teammates in it.
Negates the next projectile, melee or direct area damage attack directed at the Sentinel within 1s. Negating an attack removes all negative effects, applies Charged Hammer on self and unleashes a spirit towards the attacker. The spirit inflicts Taunt.  Charged Hammer Reduces damage taken by 40%. Next Hammer Slam consumes this effect causing 140 bonus damage and inflicts a 1s Incapacitate. Lasts for up to 3s.  Taunt Forced to run towards your location. Lasts for 1,5s or until target reaches the destination.  [R] Spirit Ward

Spirit Ward is a trance ability that negates the next direct damage attack against Sentinel. When Spirit Ward is triggered, all debuffs are removed from Sentinel, he gains the Charged Hammer buff, and fires a projectile at the attacker which inflicts the Taunt debuff. Taunted enemies run straight at Sentinel.

The Charged Hammer buff is the big effect on Spirit Ward. While Sentinel has this buff, all incoming damage is reduced. Additionally, the next time he hits an enemy with M1 will deal considerable bonus damage and incapacitate them. Combined with the Taunt debuff, Sentinel can really rain on his attacker’s parade.

When to use Spirit Ward?

  • When a direct damage spell is about to hit you.
  • When you’re in the middle of combat.
Enters a state of Overdrive. Dashes forward toward target location dealing 210 damage and slightly knocks target back. The Overdrive ability can be used multiple times during the next 5s without the need of any energy.  [F] Overdrive

Overdrive causes Sentinel to dash toward the target location, colliding with the first enemy he hits. Overdrive deals significant damage and knocks the target back slightly. However, the kicker is that once activated, Overdrive can be used multiple times over the next 5 seconds without requiring energy. Hitting an enemy with multiple Overdrives can quickly put them in their grave.

When activated, Overdrive has a 1-second cooldown, which means you can’t exactly spam it constantly. To make the most of that cooldown time, throw in other spells between Overdrive bursts.

When to use Overdrive?

  • Continually cast on one enemy for big burst damage.
  • When the enemy team is clumped together (hit multiple enemies to spread them around).
  • When an enemy has no outs remaining.

Basic Tactics, Techniques, and Combos

Save a teammate combo. If your teammate is being focused by multiple melee attackers, use this combo: Crumble > Molten Surge EX > Fissure. This combo will disrupt an enemy clump and almost instantly scatter them in multiple directions while dealing a good amount of damage. The stacked slows make it difficult for the enemies to come right back into combat.

Guaranteed shackle combo. One way to almost guarantee a full-charge Molten Surge is to double-Crumble under your target, which sends them flying into the air. As soon as they’re knocked upwards, wait about half a second, then start charging Molten Surge. The enemy will hit the ground, bounce, and Surge will fire almost right after. This gives the enemy no time to dodge it, but you have to be quick with your aiming for it to work consistently.

Charged Hammer combo. As soon as an enemy triggers the Spirit Ward trance, switch focus to a vulnerable enemy and use this combo: Crumble (knock up) > M1 > Stone Grapple > M1 > Molten Surge. Then, switch targets again or keep beating on your target depending on the situation. The Charged Hammer M1 really makes this combo deadly.

Overdrive combo. Due to its cooldown, Overdrive is best used when you can weave it with other abilities. Here is a good combo to use: Overdrive > Crumble (slow) > Overdrive > Stone Grapple > Overdrive. If you get this far, you can either cap it off with a fully-charged Molten Surge or wait for the cooldown and Overdrive again. Due to the knockback, it’s difficult (but not impossible) to combine Overdrive with M1 cleanly.

Proper use of Molten Surge. Because the Molten Shackles debuff reduces damage taken and breaks after absorbing too much damage, you don’t want to attack an enemy that’s been hit by Molten Surge. Instead, charge and fire the Surge at an enemy who isn’t being focused by your team; in particular, the enemy healer. A max-charged Surge will silence for a LONG time, which puts the fight in your favor for that duration.

Don’t tap Molten Surge. Molten Surge silences no matter how much time you spend charging it up. It might seem like a good idea to cast it uncharged to interrupt an enemy’s cast, but you’re wasting a lot of the spell’s potential. Sentinel has a lot of interrupts, so use those first. Save tap-casting Molten Surge as a last resort.

Building energy quickly. The quickest and most reliable way to build energy is to spam M1. However, if you need a burst of energy, hitting both Stone Grapple and Molten Surge will give it to you. One trick is that Molten Surge grants full energy regardless of how long you charge it. If the energy is more important to you than Molten Surge’s shackle, then you might want to tap it.


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