Seeker Guide


Seeker is a ranged bloodline who dishes out a ton of damage and control with doublecasts. Neither of his two outs are reliable, which means positioning is critical to survival. When played well, Seeker can put out unrivaled sustained DPS and some control, but a poorly played Seeker will meet a quick death every time. This is one bloodline where “the best defense is a strong offense” holds true.

 Deals 150 damage and applies one stack of Seeker's Grace on self.  Seeker's Grace Stacked up to 3 times, lasts 6s. Consumes all stacks and resets the cooldown on next cast Fire Arrow, Ice Arrow, Earth Arrow or Blitz when 3 stacks are active. [M1] Seeker’s Strike

Seeker’s Strike is a fast-casting and fast-traveling M1 projectile that deals moderate damage. Seeker’s M1 benefits more from consistent aim than most other ranged bloodlines because of the Seeker’s Grace buff that it gives. With every enemy hit, you gain one stack of the buff. When you have three stacks, you’ll be able to Double Cast one of these spells: Fire Arrow, Ice Arrow, Earth Arrow, or Blitz.

The Double Cast mechanic is fundamental to Seeker and mastering it is the way to master Seeker. If you don’t know what Double Cast does, it lets you cast a spell without triggering its cooldown so you can literally cast it twice in a row. Falling into the right Double Cast rhythm is how Seeker builds his combos.

When to use Seeker’s Strike?

  • When you don’t have three stacks of Seeker’s Grace.
 Deals 180 damage and creates a flame at impact location, the flame deals 50 damage every 0,5s and lasts for 3,5s. Projectile pierces enemies dealing 40% less damage for each target pierced. [M2] Fire Arrow

Fire Arrow is a powerful projectile that pierces enemies, dealing less damage with each enemy it passes through. However, whenever it impacts an enemy, it creates an AoE of fire on the ground that burns all enemies standing in it. This damage over time portion of Fire Arrow is extremely damaging; if an enemy stands in it for the full duration, they’ll take twice more damage than the initial hit!

Fire Arrow also has an EX version, which launches a lightning arrow that bounces between enemies and inflicts the Shock debuff, which reduces their movespeed to nothing and gradually returns. The damage of Fire Arrow EX is potent, especially if you can get it to bounce between two enemies, hitting the primary target twice. It also travels quickly, meaning greater precision.

When to use Fire Arrow?

  • When the enemy team is lined up.
  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
  • When an enemy is CC’d and stationary.

When to use Fire Arrow EX?

  • When two enemies are standing close together.
  • When you want to chase an enemy (for the slow).
  • When you need burst damage.
Deals 100 - 160 damage and knocks target back. The effect of this ability increases with distance dashed.  [Space] Blitz

Blitz is a dashing ability that collides you with the first enemy you hit, dealing damage proportional to the dash distance and knocking them back. The range isn’t all too long; combine that with the fact that you can be stopped by an enemy’s body and you’ll see that Blitz isn’t a very reliable out. So the best way to use it is to be aggressive with it.

When to use Blitz?

  • When you want to push an enemy off yourself or your teammate.
  • When you want to combo the damage.
Deals 80 damage, inflicts Frost and creates a rain of frost arrows at target location after a 0,9s delay, enemies in this area take 40 damage every 0,5s and are affected by Chill. The frost rain effect lasts for 2,5s.   Frost Incapacitates target for up to 0,5s, damage breaks this effect, the damage source that breaks the effect is reduced by 25%.  Chill Reduces movement speed by 30%, lasts for 0,5s  [Q] Ice Arrow

Ice Arrow places an AoE on the ground. After a delay, arrows rain down and deal minor damage as well as inflict the Chill and Frost debuffs on all enemies caught inside. Chill reduces their movespeed for a short while. Frost incapacitates them temporarily; damage breaks this effect. This is a very good spell for controlling enemies that your team isn’t focusing because it forces them to reposition themselves.

Ice Arrow also has an EX version, which deals more damage and triggers faster than normal Ice Arrow. The EX version doesn’t have Chill but it does have a stronger Frost, which incapacitates enemies for a long time. Of course, damage still breaks the effect.

When to use Ice Arrow?

  • Use it on the enemy’s healer to throw off their rhythm.
  • When enemies are swarming you or your teammates.
  • When you want to set up a combo.

When to use Ice Arrow EX?

  • When you need to quickly interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.
  • When you need to hard disable an enemy.
Deals 140 damage, leeches 140 health, inflicts Earthslag and slightly knocks target back.  Earthslag Reduces movement speed by 15%, reduces damage and healing done by 25%, stacks up to 2 times and lasts for 3,5s.  [E] Earth Arrow

Earth Arrow is a semi-utility spell that gives you a little bit of control over your enemies. When you hit someone with this, they’ll be knocked back and take damage and you’ll heal for the same amount. In addition, Earth Arrow applies the Earthslag debuff, which slows movespeed and reduces the damage done and healing done by the target. Earthslag stacks twice, which is strong when combined with M1’s Double Cast.

When to use Earth Arrow?

  • When an enemy is focusing you or your teammate.
  • When you can Double Cast the enemy healer.
  • When you need a bit of self-healing.
Negates the next projectile, melee or direct area damage attack directed at the Seeker within 1,2s. Negating an attack removes all movement impairing effects, teleports the Seeker to target location and applies Illusion on self.  Illusion Becomes invisible for 1,3s.  [R] Illusion

This is Seeker’s trance ability and it can be difficult to learn how to use it correctly. While tranced, if you are hit by direct damage, the damage will be absorbed and you’ll instantly turn invisible and teleport to your mouse cursor. This spell is your main out, but it’s still not entirely reliable. If you Illusion and no enemy hits you, you’ll be stuck and out of luck.

Illusion doesn’t have a super long cooldown, but since it’s so integral to Seeker’s survival, you should never waste it. Once Illusion is on cooldown, you should play less aggressively until the cooldown refreshes.

When to use Illusion?

  • When you need to escape. Don’t waste it otherwise.
Deals 140 damage and inflicts Storm. Projectile pierces enemies.  Storm Deals 60 damage every 1s, deals 300 damage to target and 200 damage to nearby allies of the target when the effect ends. Lasts 3s. This effect cannot be dispelled.  [F] Storm Arrow

Storm Arrow is a purely offensive ultimate in that it does nothing but inflict damage. It pierces through enemies; every time you hit one, they are damaged and receive the Storm debuff, which deals damage over time. When the debuff ends, the target is struck by lightning and all nearby enemies are damaged.

That final strike accounts for nearly half of Storm Arrow’s damage, but Storm Arrow can be countered with spells that make the enemy go invulnerable or immaterial. For maximum effect, you’ll need to wait for an opportunity when you can hit multiple enemies AND they don’t have any outs remaining. Very tough to execute well.

When to use Storm Arrow?

  • When the enemy team is lined up or clumped together.
  • When an enemy is close to death and has no outs.

Basic Tactics, Techniques, and Combos

Avoid the frontlines. As Seeker, you should never be in the front of battle. You don’t have the outs to warrant that level of risky play; if you’re caught out, you’ll be pummeled into dust quite quickly. Stay back and zone your enemies with your arsenal of ranged attacks. The only time you should be in the thick of a fight (e.g., for a combo) is if your teammates are the ones being focused.

Double Cast is key. Again, Seeker’s fundamental mechanic is Double Cast. You can keep track of your Seeker’s Grace stacks by looking at the aura under Seeker’s feet; it’ll grow more intricate with each stack. Knowing which spell to Double Cast in any given situation is what separates the best from the great, so be very conscious of your stack levels.

The standard combo. A very simple but standard combo for Seeker: Ice Arrow > Fire Arrow. The incap from Ice Arrow makes landing the Fire Arrow easier, plus the slow keeps them in the Fire Arrow’s AoE for that much longer. You can improve the damage of this combo by using Fire Arrow EX instead, but make sure you wait for the Frost debuff to wear off or else it’ll reduce the damage of the initial hit.

Single target burst combo. If you take the above combo and add onto it, you can perform a strong single-target burst series: Blitz > Earth Arrow > Ice Arrow > Fire Arrow. Ice Arrow makes Fire Arrow easier to hit, but Earth Arrow makes Ice Arrow easier to hit, and Blitz makes Earth Arrow easier to hit. A straightforward but useful combo. Throw in a Double Cast to make it even stronger.

Double Blitz combo. Max-ranged Blitz is strong enough that double Blitzing can prove potent. Try this combo if you want to push an enemy around while you rain arrows down on them: Blitz > M1 > Blitz > Earth Arrow > M1. Careful that you don’t put yourself in a bad position when doing this.

Healer killer combo. If you can isolate an enemy healer, you can really force them under pressure with this combo: Ice Arrow > Earth Arrow > Blitz > Earth Arrow > Fire Arrow > M1, M1, M1. The important part of the combo is the double Earth Arrow, which severely dampens a healer’s healing output and make them really slow. The rest is just pain.


2 thoughts on “Seeker Guide

  1. Healer killer combo. If you can isolate an enemy healer, you can really force them under pressure with this combo: Ice Arrow > Earth Arrow > Blitz > Earth Arrow > Fire Arrow > M1, M1, M1. The important part of the combo is the double Earth Arrow, which severely dampens a healer’s healing output and make them really slow. The rest is just pain.

    I believe that there is an error in here because this sequence cannot be pulled off. If you began with 3 stacks of Seeker’s Grace ready you’d DoubleCast Ice Arrow right ahead. Then if you had two stacks you’d need to hit one more M1 before using Earth Arrow, which doesn’t sound very practical.

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