Ratings and Tournament Guide


Grades in Bloodline Champions are the small icons you often see next to a players name. It’s often used by players to measure a players skill, although keep in mind that players of lower grade still might be quite good at the game, they just haven’t grinded their accurate grades yet ;). A common incorrect assumption is that Grades are calculated based on TPS (Total Per Second) which is all wrong, TPS has nothing to do with it. Grades are gained depending on your best Score in any ladder. As Custom Games and Ladder Games work a bit different I’ll split the explanation into two parts.

Ladder Games
In each of the Rated Ladders (Solo Career, Team Arena 2v2, Team Arena 3v3) the player has a Score connected to either himself or the teams. The highest Score a player has ever reached in one of the ladders is what is used to determine his/her Grade. The different ladders have different modifiers for grades though. Let me set up a table for you:

Ladder: Modifier (Description)
Team Arena 3v3: 100% (Since the game is balanced around 3v3, this is whats deemed as the most accurate for calculating Grades)
Team Arena 2v2: ~105% (You basically need 5% more Score in this ladder compared to Team Arena 3v3 to get your Grades)
Solo Career 3v3: ~111% (You basically need 11% more Score in this ladder compared to Team Arena 3v3 to get your Grades)

Custom Games
As you might have figured out by now, in comparison to Ladder Games Custom Games doesn’t seem to have a Score to use for Grade calculation. Now hear me out, it actually does. Custom Games use the exact same method for calculating Scores as Ladder Games, with the slight change that the Score for Custom Games is not visible to the players. This makes it a bit confusing as you can’t know when to gain a grade in Custom Games. The modifier for the Score is ~133% here. Custom Games have a Grade limit though, players can only gain up to Grade 10 through them.

Score Tables and additional information
Score Tables for each type of ladder (great for figuring out what you need for your next grade) as well as additional information can be found in the in-game Knowledge Base (the book button in the top bar). Look under “Leagues and Ladders -> Levels and Grades” to find the information. The Score Tables are found at the bottom of the page.

Tournaments (Coming Soon!)


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