Psychopomp Guide


Psychopomp is a healer bloodline that’s slightly more offensive than defensive, yet still has access to some awesome protective spells. A skilled Psychopomp can slip her teammates away from life-threatening situations, effectively giving them a second life. At the same time, her aggressive spells can put out a ton of pressure. Easy to learn, difficult to master.

 Deals 140 damage and inflicts Soul on self.  Soul Reduces damage taken from next enemy attack by 20%, increases damage done with Soul Bolt by 10, stacks up to 3 times, lasts for 6s. One stack is removed when struck by a damaging attack. [M1] Soul Bolt

Psychopomp is unique in that his M1 is both offensive and defensive. Everytime she hits an enemy, she gains a stack of the Soul buff (up to three times), which reduces the damage she takes. Whenever she’s hit, one stack of Soul is removed. Therefore, being offensive with her M1 is actually a way to buff up her survivability.

Because of Soul, Psychopomp can trade M1 hits with an enemy and come out on top. Obviously, the success of this tactic depends on the enemy’s bloodline, his cooldowns, and his mindgames.

When to use Soul Bolt?

  • When your teammates aren’t in dire need of heals.
  • When your other offensive abilities are on cooldown.
  • When you need to build Soul stacks.
 Heals ally closest to target location for 160 health and triggers Soul if target recovers health. As distance from impact location increases, healing decreases.  Soul Reduces damage taken from next enemy attack by 20%, increases damage done with Soul Bolt by 10, stacks up to 3 times, lasts for 6s. One stack is removed when struck by a damaging attack. [M2] Essence Renewal

Psychopomp’s heal is rather average in terms of healing output. It has a very fast cast time, however, which means that each missed heal is less impactful for her. This is good for when your teammates move very quickly (e.g., Stalker) and you tend to miss your heals a lot. The downside is that she’s one of the worst at out-healing heavy DPS.

If the Essence Renewal actually heals any HP, Psychopomp will gain a stack of the Soul buff. So as she heals her teammates or herself, she’s simultaneously gaining survivability. This certainly helps relieve some of the enemy’s pressure.

When to use Essence Renewal?

  • All the time as long as you’re also using your offensive abilities when available.
  • When you need to build Soul stacks.
Usable on both allies and enemies. Switches locations with the struck target, deals 160 damage and inflicts Slow on impact with enemy. Heals both self and target for 150 health on impact with ally.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 25%, lasts for 2s.  [Space] Mind Transfer

Mind Transfer is placed in the escape skill slot (spacebar) but it’s not exactly an escape. It swaps your position with your target, whether teammate or enemy, and so it can be used either offensively or defensively. If she hits a teammate, both she and the teammate are healed. If she hits an enemy, they are damaged and slowed.

There is a bit of risk involved in using Mind Transfer. If you hit the wrong target, you could flip the advantage to your enemy. Additionally, if you do need to escape, then Mind Transfer won’t help you at all if you miss or if you hit someone right next to you.

Mind Transfer also has an EX version, which makes her immaterial and launches her forward. If she collides with an enemy, the enemy is temporarily immobilized, then launched even farther away in the direction Psychopomp is facing. This EX definitely has some situational uses that Mind Transfer alone could never accomplish.

When to use Mind Transfer?

  • When you need to heal / reposition a teammate.
  • When you want to swap into the enemy team.
  • When you want to swap the enemy into your team.
  • When you want to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.

When to use Mind Transfer EX?

  • When you need to cross gaps or walls.
  • When an enemy is focusing you or your teammate.
  • When you want to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.
Inflicts Spell Block, inflicts Slow.  Spell Block Interrupts next ability cast and disables it for 3s. This lasts for 0,4s.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 25%, lasts for 2,5s.  [Q] Terrifying Scream

Without a doubt, Psychopomp’s most annoying skill. Terrifying Scream inflicts Spellblock and slows all nearby enemies. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s an instant cast ability. Spellblock will lock spells that are currently being cast; if none are being cast, it’ll lock the next spell that is cast (as long as the debuff lasts). Can be devastating when you Spellblock a powerful spell, such as an ultimate.

Terrifying Scream also has an EX version, which fears all enemies around you. Fear is not necessarily better than Spellblock; they both have their uses in certain scenarios. With that said, if you’re being focused by multiple melee enemies, an AoE fear will probably help you much more.

When to use Terrifying Scream?

  • When you’re in the midst of multiple enemies.
  • When you sense an invisible enemy near you (especially Ranid).
  • When you want to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.

When to use Terrifying Scream EX?

  • When multiple melee attackers are focusing you or your teammate.
  • When you can catch the whole enemy team in the AoE.
  • When you need to buy some time to heal your team up.
Deals 150/100/50 damage and inflicts Soul Bind, bounces between enemy champions up to 3 times, each bounce reduces damage. May bounce off the Psychopomp if no enemies are nearby, has no effect on the Psychopomp and does not count towards maximum bounces.  Soul Bind Deals 20% of damage taken as additional damage to other allies affected by Soul Bind, lasts 6s.  [E] Spiritual Link

Spiritual Link is a projectile that bounces between enemies (up to 3 times), dealing damage with each bounce and applying the Soul Bind debuff on each enemy hit. If there are no nearby enemies to bounce off of, the projectile will bounce back to Psychopomp but will not count towards the 3 bounces. Anytime an enemy with Soul Bind is damaged, a percentage of that damage is also inflicted to all other enemies with the Soul Bind debuff.

The pressure potential of the Soul Bind debuff is massive. If you can tag three enemies with it, they’re all going to be sharing in the pain. The best case scenario is to tag all of your enemies with the debuff then hurt them all simultaneously using AoE spells. Ouch.

When to use Spiritual Link?

  • When an enemy is right next to you (it’ll bounce and hit him 3 times).
  • When the enemy team is clumped together (it’ll bounce and hit all of them).
  • Whenever it’s off cooldown.
All negative effects are removed from target ally, target ally becomes invulnerable, immaterial, invisible and unable to use abilities, increases movement speed by 20%, lasts for 2s. Nearby allies are healed for 120 health when the effect ends.  [R] The Other Side

The Other Side is perhaps one of the most game-changing spells in BLC. With an instant cast, Psychopomp can turn a target teammate (or herself) invisible, immaterial, and invulnerable as well as purging them of all debuffs. In return, the affected teammate moves faster and cannot cast any abilities. When the spell ends, all teammates around the Other Sided teammate will be healed.

There are so many ways that you can make a clutch play with this spell, but the true test of a skilled Psychopomp is knowing when she needs to use The Other Side and when she can save it. This spell has one of the longest cooldowns in the game, so never waste it if you can help it.

When to use The Other Side?

  • When you or a teammate are about to receive a ton of damage (e.g., max range Vanguard ultimate).
  • When your teammate is being focused but has no more outs.
  • Save it whenever you can.
Summons a spirit mimicking the Psychopomp's Soul Bolt, Essence Renewal and Spiritual Link uses but reduces damage and healing done by 15%. Additionally reduces debuff durations by 33%. This effect cannot be dispelled. Lasts 8s.  [F] Guardian Spirit

The Guardian Spirit is something of a “superman” ultimate in that it doesn’t provide another spell but merely improves Psychopomp’s base skillset. When this is active, debuffs will have reduced duration on her and a small ball of light will revolve around her, duplicating any projectiles that she launches. In other words, she’ll throw 2 heals, 2 M1s, or 2 Spiritual Links while in ultimate form.

With Guardian Spirit, Psychopomp’s threat level on the battlefield essentially doubles. Throwing 2 Spiritual Links and having each one bounce onto every enemy will inflict a serious amount of damage, and that’s not even considering the boosted potential of double-heals and double-M1s.

This spell has an instant cast, so don’t cast it as soon as you hit 100% energy. Wait for the perfect opportunity, then activate it right before you cast your spells. This element of surprise will maximize her potency.

When to use Guardian Spirit?

  • When you have Spiritual Link ready (don’t activate if you don’t).
  • When you’re in the middle of battle (using Guardian Spirit just for double-heals is wasted potential).

Basic Tactics, Techniques, and Combos
Exploit Mind Transfer’s versatility. With Mind Transfer, you can swap enemies that are usually impervious to projectiles, e.g., Thorn’s Root Shield, Glutton’s Stone Shield, trances, etc. When an enemy is low on health and shields/trances himself to buy some healing time, Mind Transfer will get rid of it. Take advantage of this!

Spiritual Link is essential. As an offensive healer, Psychopomp can inflict a lot of damage. It’s not unusual to see a 1:1 ratio between damage and healing on a good Psychopomp. However, most of that damage comes from Spiritual Link (in particular, the Soul Bind debuff). Make sure you are casting Spiritual Link whenever you can and make sure you don’t miss.

Anti-melee combo. Psychopomp is extremely efficient at fending off melee attackers. Use this combo if you’re in that situation: Terrifying Scream > Spiritual Link > M1, M1, M1. The sheer pressure alone is usually enough to push a melee attacker back to his teammates, leaving you free to heal others again.

Initiation / save teammate combo. When you want to switch into offensive mode, try this sequence: Mind Transfer > Terrifying Scream > Spiritual Link > M1s. This works best if you can swap a teammate out from a cluster of enemies. By doing this, you kill two birds with one stone: you relieve pressure on your teammate and you put a lot of pressure on the enemies.

1v1 combo. If you consider the Soul buff from Psychopomp’s M1 and M2, as well as Terrifying Scream and Spiritual Link, you’ll see that she can be a steamroller in a 1v1 situation. Here’s the combo: Terrifying Scream > Spiritual Link > M1s. The Link will bounce 3 times on the enemy and the M1s will deal amplified damage while reducing the damage she takes. This combo is especially strong against melee attackers.

Aiming Guardian Spirit. The thing about Guardian Spirit is that the spirit’s projectile launches from where the spirit is as it’s revolving around Psychopomp. Therefore, the two projectiles will intersect where your cursor was when you casted them. In order to hit an enemy with both projectiles, then, you need to anticipate where they’ll be and aim your cursor there. This takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be easier.

Don’t waste The Other Side. When you play against skilled players, you should be aware that they know how good The Other Side is. You can bet that they’ll be waiting for you to blow it, because as soon as it goes on cooldown, a wide window of opportunity opens up to wail on you or your vulnerable teammates. Save it for when it really matters.

Shift healing. All healers must learn this tip: hold down the SHIFT key while healing to automatically cast it on yourself. SHIFT is the default bind for self-targeting your abilities (so it’s not only applicable to M2 heals), but it’s especially important for healing because it lets you keep an eye on the battle.


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