Nomad Guide


Nomad is a ranged bloodline that exerts a ton of control over the battlefield using ranged projectiles. She can zone enemies out and keep them at bay, providing indirect support to her team. At the same time, she has the potential to deal a lot of damage but reaching that potential requires an intimate knowledge of her ability mechanics. Not exactly recommended for beginners.

 Deals 140 damage. Boomerang pierces enemies dealing 55% less damage for each target pierced. Damage is reduced by 40% when the boomerang returns. [M1] Razor Boomerang

Nomad’s M1 is just like any projectile–except that it comes flying back when it reaches max range, hitting enemies a second time. The boomerang even pierces, though it deals less damage for each time it hits an enemy. The best way to hit an enemy twice is to catch them at the very tip of Razor Boomerang’s range, making this M1 one of the hardest to master.

When to use Razor Boomerang?

  • Spam it to zone out enemies.
  • Catch an enemy at the very tip, instantly hitting them twice.
 Throws two boomerangs in an arc, deals 140 damage per boomerang, inflicts Stun, deals 80 bonus damage if both boomerangs hit at the same time. Boomerangs pierce enemies dealing 25% less damage for each target pierced. Does not inflict Stun when the boomerangs are returning.  Stun Stuns target for 0,5s. [M2] X-Strike

X-Strike throws two boomerang projectiles in an arc which intersect at the target location, then return back to the Nomad. The boomerangs pierce and as they are flying out, they deal damage and stun enemies that they pass through. On the way back, they deal damage but do not stun. X-Strike deals less damage for each enemy pierced. Additionally, if you hit an enemy as the boomerangs intersect, it deals bonus damage.

This ability is quite versatile. You can use it as a simple stun to cancel channels and cast times. You can use it as a simple boost to DPS. Or you can use it to mini-stun multiple enemies and set them up for combos by your teammates. Whenever possible, try to hit an enemy at the intersection; the bonus damage shouldn’t be underestimated.

X-Strike also has an EX version, which fires a projectile that pierces, deals damage, and stuns all enemies it passes through. When it reaches the target location, an AoE storm is created that slows and deals damage to all enemies caught within it.

When to use X-Strike?

  • When you need to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.
  • When you can hit multiple enemies with it.
  • When you want to set up combos.

When to use X-Strike EX?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
  • When an enemy has no outs remaining.
 Removes all movement impairing effects, increases movement speed by 60%, reduces damage taken by 40%, reduces debuff durations by 33%. Razor Boomerang, Tornado Call and Boomerang Fury can be used while moving, lasts for 2,2s.  [Space] Haste

Haste does a number of things: removes all movespeed-impairing debuffs, drastically increases Nomad’s movespeed, reduces incoming damage, and reduces debuff duration. In addition, while Hasted, Nomad can throw Razor Boomerang, Tornado Call, and Boomerang Fury while moving. That last effect is necessary to maximizing Nomad’s potential.

The obvious use for Haste is to run away with it, but it has an offensive use, too. If you’re trading damage for damage, you can cast it and give yourself an edge through its damage reduction. Very useful in a 1v1 situation.

Haste also has an EX version, which causes Nomad to dash to the target location, dealing damage and slightly knocking back all enemies that she passes through. With this, Nomad can cross gaps and walls that she normally wouldn’t be able to cross.

When to use Haste?

  • When you need to escape pressure.
  • When you want to trade hits in a 1v1.
  • When you want to use Razor Boomerang, Tornado Call, or Boomerang Fury while moving.

When to use Haste EX?

  • When the enemy team is lined up.
  • When you want to cross a gap or wall.
Deals 160 damage, inflicts Slow, and knocks enemies back.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 33%, lasts for 1,5s.  [Q] Wind Strike

Wind Strike inflicts damage and slows the movespeeds of all nearby enemies around the Nomad. Additionally, it knocks them back slightly, giving her a bit of room to maneuver into or out of combat. Very useful for relieving herself of melee pressure. It’s also great to use if you need a bit of extra damage or if a teammate is under pressure.

When to use Wind Strike?

  • To push an enemy off a teammate.
  • When you need to escape melee pressure.
  • When multiple enemies are around you.
Inflicts Tornado.  Tornado Lifts target into the air removing it from combat, target cannot take damage and is incapacitated during the effect. When the effect ends, the target is thrown out of the tornado towards the direction the player is aiming. Lasts for 2,8s.  [E] Tornado Call

Tornado Call is Nomad’s hard CC spell and it’s immensely useful in any situation. She throws a boomerang projectile that inflicts Tornado to the first enemy it hits. Tornado incapacitates the target and makes them invulnerable during the duration. This CC lasts quite a while. The best part? If you miss, you can always try to catch the enemy in the projectile’s return path.

Using Tornado Call improperly can seriously hurt your team. If your teammates are focusing a target, do NOT Tornado them! Instead, always Tornado an enemy that none of your teammates are focusing.

When to use Tornado Call?

  • To disable an enemy that no one is focusing.
  • To run away from an enemy focusing you.
Deals 100 damage and inflicts Sluggish on nearby enemies after a 0,8s delay.  Sluggish Reduces movement speed by 25%, reduces projectile speed by 40%, and lasts for 3,5s.  [R] Wind Bomb

Wind Bomb places an AoE on the ground. Nomad throws a bomb that explodes at the location after a delay, dealing damage and applying Sluggish on all enemies caught in it. Sluggish reduces the target’s movespeed AND makes their projectiles travel much slower. Obviously, Wind Bomb is especially useful against enemy ranged and healers.

When to use Wind Bomb?

  • To slow down the enemy healer’s heals.
  • To slow an enemy who has no outs remaining.
  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
Throws 7 boomerangs over 2s, each boomerang deals 110 damage and inflicts Howling Wind. Boomerangs pierce enemies dealing 30% less damage for each target pierced.  Howling Wind Reduces movement speed by 20%, reduces attack speed by 20%, and lasts 3,5s.  [F] Boomerang Fury

Boomerang Fury unleashes a series of boomerang one after another towards the mouse cursor. Each boomerang deals damage, pierces through enemies, deals less damage per enemy pierced, and inflicts the Howling Wind debuff. Howling Wind reduces the target’s attack speed and movespeed.

On its own, Boomerang Fury is channeled and requires you to stand still. When Hasted, Nomad can run around while throwing out each boomerang. This allows you to dodge projectiles while raining down hell on your opponents. In addition, you can reposition yourself so that returning boomerangs hit your enemies again.

When to use Boomerang Fury?

  • For maximum impact, always Haste first.
  • When the enemy team is clumped together or lined up.
  • When an enemy has no outs remaining.

Basic Tactics, Techniques, and Combos

M1 is core. Nomad’s playstyle really rewards spamming her M1 attack. All of her other spells are situationally useful, meaning you don’t need to spam them every chance you get. Therefore, you should be casting M1 most of the time and throwing out her other spells when the situation presents itself.

Zoning with M1 and M2. If you hold down M1, you can keep a constant stream of projectiles flying forward and backwards. This leaves very little room for enemies to approach you or your team without getting hurt in the process. Keeping the enemy team at bay like this can let you dictate the rhythm of the round, giving you control over the match.

Mistakes while escaping. One huge mistake that many beginner Nomads make is to use Wind Strike AND Haste when they want to escape. These two spells are your only escape spells, so never use them together. Always make sure one is available (off cooldown). Preferably, use Wind Strike before using Haste if possible.

Escaping without use an escape spell. If enemies are chasing you, keep running while throwing M1s and M2s at them. The M2s will mini-stun them, adding a little distance between you and them. Plus, the enemies will take more damage from the returning boomerangs. Either they’ll have to tank them or they’ll turn their attention elsewhere, and this saves you from blowing your Haste or Wind Strike.

Initiation combo. Always initiate with Wind Bomb if it’s off cooldown. The slow is useful no matter what, but slowing down ranged projectiles will give you a significant advantage when trading attacks.


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