Metal Warden Guide


Metal Warden is a tank bloodline that is highly mobile and very good at zoning enemies. Despite the initial impression of her skillset, she’s not so much a damage-dealer as she is a supporter. With lots of control and ranged poking, she can force the enemy to play at an unfamiliar rhythm. She isn’t one of the easiest bloodlines, but a beginner could do well enough with a bit of practice.

 Deals 130 damage. Consumes Molten Metal dealing 70 bonus damage and knocking back enemies. [M1] Metal Blast

Metal Blast is a straightforward projectile ability. It deals a moderate amount of damage and if the target has the Molten Metal debuff, the debuff is consumed and the target receives considerable bonus damage and is knocked back. The debuff comes from Molten Burst, so try to combo the two abilities whenever necessary.

Though Metal Blast isn’t exactly a strong M1 attack, it has an above average attack speed and projectile speed, making it good for zoning and poking. If you aren’t comboing an enemy, M1 spam is great for chipping away at Recovery HP.

When to use Metal Blast?

  • Spam it to chip away at enemy HP.
  • Spam it to keep enemies at bay.
 Charging attack that fires a massive bolt. The bolt deals 100 - 360 damage and inflicts Spell Block. The damage, range and the effect of Spell Block increase with the time spent charging.  Spell Block Interrupts next ability cast and disables it for 1,5s - 3s. This lasts for 0,6s. [M2] Charged Bolt

Charged Bolt is a channeled ability that fires a powerful projectile. The longer it’s channeled, the more powerful the damage and the farther it travels. When it hits, it inflicts Spellblock on the target and the duration is proportional to the channel time. Spellblock is great for interrupting casts as well as locking down an enemy’s M1 or M2 spam.

A max-charged Charged Bolt inflicts a lot of damage, so always try to charge it up as much as you can before you fire it. However, if you need a quick interrupt, don’t be afraid to tap it. Sometimes a Spellblock is more valuable than extra damage.

When to use Charged Bolt?

  • To lock down an enemy healer’s heals.
  • To lock down an enemy’s M1 spam when they’re focusing you or a teammate.
  • When you need to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.
  • When you need burst damage.
Removes all movement impairing effects, increases movement speed by 100%. Deals 120 damage to enemies hit and knocks target and self back. The knockback effect can only be triggered once every 0,5s. Lasts for 1,4s.  [Space] Magnetic Orb

Magnetic Orb turns Metal Warden into a ball, instantly removing all of her movespeed debuffs and drastically boosting her movespeed. While in this form, colliding with an enemy deals moderate damage and knocks them back. This is good for escaping since an enemy won’t be able to bodyblock you.

But this spell can be used offensively, too. Combo it with Energy Leash and you can force an enemy to be incapped. Use it to push around enemies and disrupt their formation. Just being hit by a knockback can totally throw an enemy’s game rhythm.

When to use Magnetic Orb?

  • When you want to disrupt an enemy team’s formation.
  • When you need to escape.
Cone attack that deals 120 damage and applies Molten Metal to enemies.  Molten Metal Reduces damage and healing done by 33% and reduces movement speed by 20%. Lasts for 4s.  [Q] Molten Burst

Molten Burst is a cone burst attack that deals moderate damage and applies the Molten Metal debuff on all enemies hit by it. This debuff reduces their movespeed AND reduces their damage done and healing done. If you can hit the entire enemy team with this, you’ll gain a huge advantage for its duration, especially because the debuff doesn’t break on damage.

There are two ways to use this spell: hit an enemy then ignore them OR hit an enemy and blast them away with M1s for the bonus damage and knockback. The optimal play, if you can pull off the timing, is to hit an enemy with Molten Burst, ignore them for 2-3 seconds, then hit them with an M1.

Molten Burst also has an EX version, which causes Metal Warden to leap at the target location, dealing considerable damage, applying the Gradual Slow debuff, and knocking back all nearby enemies. Gradual Slow immediately reduces the target’s movespeed to nothing, then restores it slowly over time. This is good to use when you need to cross gaps or walls, or when your teammate needs help escaping.

When to use Molten Burst?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
  • Mix it with your M1 attacks when spamming attacks.
  • On an enemy that your team isn’t focusing.

When to use Molten Burst EX?

  • When you need a quick escape.
  • When you need to cross a gap or wall.
  • When an enemy is focusing your teammate and they need help.
  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
Fires an energy core towards the target location. The core activates after a 0,3s delay and inflicts Magnetize to nearby enemies. The core attaches a leash onto nearby enemies that does 120 damage and inflicts Incapacitate when they leave the core's area of influence. The core lasts for 2,3s.  Magnetize Reduces projectile speed by 40% and lasts for 3,2s.  Incapacitate Incapacitates target for 1s, damage breaks this effect.  [E] Energy Leash

Energy Leash places an AoE at the target location that leashes all enemies caught inside or enemies that walk inside. If a coiled target tries to walk out of the leash range, they’ll take damage and be incapacitated. Additionally, enemies within range of the leash are inflicted with the Magnetize debuff, which reduces their projectile speeds.

This is one of Metal Warden’s most annoying and controlling spells. It forces the enemy to make a decision that they don’t want to make: get hurt/incapped or stay confined. You can use it to force them still, making it easier for you to land your attacks, or you can throw it on the enemy’s healer to really slow down their heals.

Energy Leash also has an EX version, which channels a healing beam at the target location that heals the closest teammate. This spell heals a ton of health over a short period of time so don’t underestimate its importance when your team needs support. It can bring someone from zero to full Recovery HP.

When to use Energy Leash?

  • On the enemy’s healer (slower heals are harder to hit).
  • On the enemy’s ranged (slow projectiles are easier to dodge).
  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
  • When you want to keep an enemy from running.

When to use Energy Leash EX?

  • When a teammate is being focused.
  • When a teammate just needs spot healing.
Shields self or target ally, dispelling all movement impairing effects and reducing damage taken by 80%, energy gains from enemy attacks are reduced by 75%. Fires a projectile towards the attacker when hit by an attack, which does 70 damage on impact and grants 3 energy to the protected. Projectiles will only fire at the same attacker every 0,25s. This effect breaks after absorbing 400 damage or after 2s. A targetted ally cannot move or act while under this effect.  [R] Iron Claw

Iron Claw is Metal Warden’s way of supporting while still being an offensive force. She can cast this spell on herself or a teammate, which encases them in a rock shield that removes all movespeed-impairing debuffs and drastically reduces all incoming damage. If an enemy hits the target with a projectile, their energy gain from that attack is drastically reduced, the shielded target gains a bit of energy, and fires a projectile back at the attacker which deals mediocre damage.

This shield has a lot of little benefits that really add up. Not only is it extremely protective, but tips the scale of energy in your team’s favor every time you use it. Additionally, the damage return is, on average, a little less than 50%. Time this just as an enemy is about to burst or combo you or your teammate. It’ll tear them up or force them to ignore you. Win-win.

When to use Iron Claw?

  • Right as enemies are about to unleash on you or your teammate.
  • When you or a teammate is in the middle of multiple enemies.
  • When an enemy casts a multi-projectile spell, like Engineer’s Machine Gun or Nomad’s Boomerang Fury.
Deals 200 damage on a direct hit with an enemy and 100 damage to enemies in an area near the impact. Creates a gravitational singularity on impact that deals 50 damage per second to nearby enemies and pulls them towards the center of the singularity. The singularity implodes after 2s and deals 160 damage to nearby enemies.  [F] Overcharge

Overcharge fires a projectile at the target location that can impact an enemy, dealing considerable damage and splashing some damage to other nearby enemies. Upon impact, it creates an AoE singularity that deals damage over time to all enemies caught inside while pulling them towards the center of the AoE. After a delay, the singularity explodes, dealing more damage to those caught in it.

Despite the 3 different instances of damage, Overcharge is not a particularly strong ultimate. It’s great for control, though, and it can really ruin an enemy’s day if you catch them when they have no outs. If you can get multiple enemies in the AoE, they’ll be too busy scrambling around to attack you. Throw an Energy Leash on top of the Overcharge to prevent them from walking out.

When to use Overcharge?

  • When an enemy has no outs remaining.
  • When the enemy team is clumped together.

Basic Tactics, Techniques, and Combos

Constantly combo your abilities. Metal Warden’s abilities are not very strong on their own. She doesn’t have any big nukes, so she must put out pressure through constant chip damage and control. Therefore, to make the most of her abilities, they must be followed up by other abilities. Just be careful that you aren’t caught out with all of your spells on cooldown.

Aggressive zoning playstyle. Metal Warden can zone pretty well. She can support her teammates from afar with Energy Leash EX and Iron Claw while putting out pressure with M1 spam. If an enemy gets too close, Molten Surge or Magnetic Orb. Play very aggressively but always keep yourself at a distance.

Easy leash-breaker combo. Here’s the combo: Energy Leash > Magnetic Orb > Molten Surge > M1. Since enemies are incapped when knocked outside of leash range, the easiest way to do this is to place the leash in a way where the enemy is on the outside edge away from you. Hit them with Magnetic Orb and it’ll knock them out, letting you beat them down with M1s.

Ranged leash-breaker combo. For those times where you need to keep distance or need your Magnetic Orb for something else, you can try this alternative: Energy Leash > Molten Surge > M1 > Charged Bolt. Molten Surge causes knockback on your next M1, pushing them out of the leash and incapping them. Keep your distance and utilize the incap by charging up M2.

Don’t underestimate Energy Leash EX. It requires Metal Warden to stand still and channel, plus it only heals one target as opposed to the multi-target heals of other tank bloodlines. However, it’s really easy to aim and it can easily save a teammate’s life when they’re in a pinch. Metal Warden is more about supporting her team than being a central damage dealer, so don’t be afraid to sacrifice your energy for the healing beam.

EX abilities vs. ultimate. Similar to the above point, Metal Warden’s ultimate is most effective when her teammates can follow it up and use the suction to dish out lots of damage. On its own, Overcharge is not so great. Therefore, if you aren’t in a composition or situation that allows for your teammates to capitalize on Overcharge, just use the energy on her EX abilities instead. They’re useful all the time.

Combo Overcharge with teammates. Overcharge is so strong as a setup/combo with another teammate’s ultimate. Think about the power of Overcharge + Alchemist’s Crippling Goo. Or Overcharge + Glutton’s Aftershock. Or Overcharge + Nomad’s Boomerang Fury. Basically, any AoE spell is going to be superpowered by a good Overcharge. Look for those opportunities!

Don’t waste Overcharge. Since Overcharge isn’t powerful on its own, never throw it down just as a last resort.  The pull isn’t strong enough to save you if you’re in trouble and you’ll just waste 100% energy for nothing. If you don’t have Magnetic Orb or Iron Claw, you can use Molten Surge EX for 40% and just jump out of danger. Overcharge is pretty situational and you must use it purposefully for it to be of any use.


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