Igniter Guide


Igniter is a purely offensive ranged bloodline that depends on comboing his abilities to reach maximum potential. As the posterboy for BLC, one might think that Igniter is a beginner-friendly bloodline, but he’s not. With careful timing of his abilities, Igniter can dish out an immense amount of damage in an extremely short period of time. In the right hands, he is a massive force to be reckoned with.

 Deals 160 damage and refreshes the duration of Ignite. [M1] Fireball

On the surface, Igniter’s M1 ability is nothing to sneeze at. Unlike most M1s, Fireball only deals a constant amount of damage–it doesn’t improve with consecutive hits. However, its secondary effect is to refresh the duration of the Ignite debuff, which deals damage over time. The Ignite debuff is applied with Firestorm, Firestorm EX, and Conflagration.

The beauty of Fireball is that its DPS can be significantly improved with smart Ignite management. If you can tag multiple enemies with Ignite and you constantly fresh those debuffs with M1, you’ll put out a ton of pressure.

When to use Fireball?

  • All the time.
 Casts 3 projectiles over 1,4s, each projectile deals 180 damage, knocks target back slightly and inflicts Ignite.  Ignite Deals 30 damage every 1,5s and lasts for 6s. [M2] Firestorm

Firestorm launches 3 separate projectiles that deal more damage than Fireball. Each projectile applies Ignite to the target, which means you could very well tag multiple enemies and watch them all burn. In addition, the projectiles have a knock back, which is great for pushing away enemies that are close to you. It has a long cast time, though, and you’ll need to channel all 3 projectiles, so you’ll spend a lot of time standing still.

One of the great things about Firestorm is its versatility. You can focus all 3 hits on a single target for burst damage, or you can spread it out for multiple Ignites. You can use it to fend off melee attackers or push enemies off of your teammates. Be creative.

Firestorm also has an EX version, which fires a flaming beam at your cursor. The beam deals damage over time to all enemies standing in it and it applies the Ignite debuff.

When to use Firestorm?

  • When a melee enemy is attacking you or your teammate.
  • When you need burst damage.
  • When you need to apply Ignite.

When to use Firestorm EX?

  • When an enemy is close to death (guaranteed hits because you can’t miss).
  • When you need to apply Ignite to multiple enemies (sweep it across them).
Teleports you to the target location and deals 120 damage to enemies near the destination.  [Space] Searing Displacement

With Searing Displacement, you can quickly cross gaps and pass through walls. It makes you immaterial during the whole transfer and it inflicts a bit of damage in an AoE at your destination. Even though it has a cast time, it’s a short one and you can reliably dodge spells with it.

When to use Searing Displacement?

  • When you need to dodge a spell.
  • When you want to ambush an enemy.
  • When you’re setting up a combo.
Deals 240 damage and inflicts Stun on nearby enemies after a 1s delay.  Stun Stuns target for 0,6s.  [Q] Volcano

This is one of Igniter’s most devastating spells. It places an AoE on the ground that explodes after a delay, inflicting damage and stunning all enemies caught inside. On its own, Volcano is not much of a spell. The stun isn’t very long, the damage isn’t particularly strong, and it’s hard to land due to its delay and small radius.

So instead of thinking of Volcano as an isolated spell, think of it more as a way to setup a combo or to chain abilities together. The stun is just long enough to charge up a Firestorm, land a few M1s, or push away with Crippling Fire without fear of missing.

When to use Volcano?

  • When you want to setup a combo.
  • When enemies are clumped together.
  • When an enemy is focusing you or your teammate.
  • When you want to control an enemy’s movement.
Projectile attack that does 160 damage, inflicts Slow and knocks target back.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 20%, lasts for 2s.  [E] Crippling Fire

In general, melee attackers have the hardest time against Igniter, and this spell is the reason why. Crippling Fire is a huge single-target knockback spell where the distance of the knockback grows when the target is closer to you. As powerful as this spell is, if you miss it, you’ll be in for a world of hurt. On top of the knockback, Crippling Fire slows the target, which grants you a few moments to lay on the damage with M1s and Volcanos.

Crippling Fire also has an EX version, which is a bouncing projectile that shackles up to 2 targets. When an enemy is shackled, they can’t cast spells, they are slowed, and they won’t take any damage. The shackles will break once enough damage is absorbed, though. In addition, the duration of the shackle is longer on the primary target.

When to use Crippling Fire?

  • When you’re being focused by a melee attacker.
  • When you want to setup a combo.
  • When an enemy is focusing your teammate.

When to use Crippling Fire EX?

  • When you want to disable an enemy.
  • When you want to interrupt an enemy’s channel or cast time.
Makes you invulnerable and immaterial. Deals 80 damage to nearby enemies, and knocks them back when the effect ends. Lasts for up to 1,6s.  [R] Living Flame

Living Flame is one of the best survivability abilities in the game. It makes you invulnerable and immaterial and it has an instant cast, so you can immediately dodge projectiles and spells with very little room for error. When it ends, it deals slight damage and a slight knockback in an AoE around you. You can end it early by canceling it.

When to use Living Flame?

  • When the enemies are focusing you.
  • When you have no other outs.
  • When you need to dodge a powerful spell.
Travels to target location, deals 320 damage and inflicts Ignite on enemies passed through during the teleport.  Ignite Deals 30 damage every 1,5s and lasts for 6s.  [F] Conflagration

Not many ultimates in BLC double as an out, but Igniter’s Conflagration does. It sends you rocketing towards your cursor, dealing massive damage and applying Ignite on all enemies you pass through. If you manage to hit multiple enemies, you can seriously tip the scales of advantage to your side.

The downside to Conflagration is its cast time. It’s not a long cast time by any means, but it can be interrupted, which will leave you in a vulnerable position. If you decide to recast it, you may forget to re-aim, causing you to whiff. Be careful that doesn’t happen.

When to use Conflagration?

  • When the enemies line up so you can hit all of them.
  • When the enemies are clumped together.
  • When you need to escape (but make sure you also hit an enemy or two along the way).
  • When you need to apply Ignite (as a last resort).

Basic Tactics, Techniques, and Combos

Apply Ignite. I cannot stress this enough: if you can keep up Ignite on all of your enemies, it will constantly chip away at their health. The strength of Ignite cannot be underestimated and you will lose out on a lot of CVPS if you don’t keep it refreshed.

Firestorm melee attackers. If a melee attacker is on you, it’s the perfect opportunity to land a Firestorm triple barrel (all 3 hits) on them. Not only will they be knocked back 3 times, they’ll have lost a big chunk of health and they’ll be Ignited, allowing you to inflict even more damage with M1s.

Control with Crippling Fire EX. Crippling Fire EX is Igniter’s only reliable CC. Volcano is great, but it misses often and the stun doesn’t last very long. If your team is lacking in the CC department, then you should start spamming Crippling Fire EX whenever the situation calls for it. It interrupts, it silences, it slows. Very strong.

Volcano + Firestorm combo. If you land a Volcano on an enemy, start charging Firestorm at them. By the time the stun wears off, your first hit will have launched and it’ll be a near-guaranteed hit. The rest is just follow up. If you know Volcano is going to hit, start charging Firestorm early.

Crippling Fire + Volcano combo. A good burst combo is to Crippling Fire an enemy and place a Volcano behind them so they slide to a stop over it then get stunned. While stunned, you can hit them with a few M1s and the damage really adds up. This will take some practice, though, so try it in a bot game first.

Living Flame + Crippling Fire combo. Sometimes when a melee attacker is on you, the chaos of the moment can make your aim frantic, which leads to missing. If you can afford it, you should first Living Flame and then Crippling Fire out of it. This takes the pressure off you, plus it’s hard for the enemy to predict when you’ll leave Living Flame, so dodging is harder, too.

Super all-in combo. If all of your abilities are off cooldown and you want to dish out a massive damage combo on a single enemy, do this in rapid succession: Searing Displacement > Living Flame > Crippling Fire > Volcano -> Firestorm. If you have your ultimate, replace the Firestorm with Conflagration. ONLY use this combo when the enemy has no outs AND when they have no Recovery HP. Wasting all of your outs is, for the most part, a bad idea.

Defensive cooldown management. Igniter is one of the most slippery bloodlines in the game. With Searing Displacement, Volcano, Crippling Fire, Living Flame, and Conflagration, you have a whole arsenal of outs and semi-outs to keep yourself alive while simultaneously putting out damage. Make sure you spread out your spells because you will die very quickly without any outs.


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