Herald of Insight Guide


Herald Of Insight is a healer bloodline with pretty average mobility, but has crowd controls that are easy to setup and are extremely efficient. You can easily turn battles with a singe reflect shield, or offensive cc and damage play. In this guide I will take you through what his abilities do, and when/how you should use them. In order to be a successful Herald, you need to have a more relaxed playstyle and carefully choose when to switch from defensive to offensive (rather than just bombing your team with heals and support).

 Deals 120 damage and inflicts Feeble Minded.  Feeble Minded Increases cooldowns by 7%, increases damage taken by Stifling Dust by 20, stacks up to 3 times, lasts 8s. [M1] Stifling Dust

Throw this on a melee target at a start of a game, because of it increases cooldowns by 9% its incredibly efficient vs heroes like Glutton. Of course you use this ability as DPS whenever you got space to do it from healing, keep in mind if you dps, they will have to go more defensive, but dont over extend it. This goes great along with fearing the healer then assisting your team to dps down your focus target.

 Heals ally closest to target location for 140 health and triggers Spirit Dust if target recovers health. As distance from impact location increases, healing decreases.  Spirit Dust Heals target for 40 health and bounces to a nearby ally renewing duration when struck by a damaging attack, reduces health restored by 20 for each bounce, effect ends if there is no nearby ally to bounce to or if the amount of healing reaches 0, lasts 7s. [M2] Time Shift

Because of the Spirit Dust’s bouncing heal effect, your teammates will benefit more when focusing the same target with you not far behind. Other than that just use it whenever you teammates need healing, just make sure your close but not close enough to be a viable switch target.

Travels to target location, heals allies for 240 health, deals 100 damage and inflicts Slow on enemies passed through during the teleport.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 33%, lasts for 2s.  [Space] Time Shift

Even though most players use this ability as an escape mechanism you should really try not to, it has to be a last resort cause you will most likely need it for healing. This ability heals more than your normal heal (Spirit Dust aside) And this is yet another spell that shows how good Herald is with his Mates and enemies close, You could heal two of your mates, then possible damage and Slow an opponent. But if you ever must need it because your focused by 2 or 3 people, blink towards your team, try to get the people on you slowed. Just beware that if you use this for healing your teammates you don’t have any escape ability, think wisely. You can also dodge obvious charges with this, make sure you always position yourself behind your team. Can add tremendous amounts of energy from 10-20 dependent on how many you hit.

Instantly heals allies for 140 health and triggers Exaltation. Inflicts Weaken and slightly knocks enemies back after a 0,7s delay. Does 40 / 80 / 120 damage if the enemy is affected by Feeble Minded.  Exaltation Increases healing received by 30%, lasts 5s.  Weaken Reduces damage and healing done by 30% for 3s.  [Q] Mantra of Devotion

Mostly used if you have any melee on you, used rarely for offensive buffs/debuffs. Rather use the EX as explained below.

Time Rift – EX
Warps the Herald 3s back in time resetting his position and restoring up to 200 health.

A powerful escape that doubles as a heal and a dash. Use it if you have taken a lot of damage, and especially if you’ve spent your space and you are still in hot water. It will return you back to your original location (3 seconds ago), allowing you to regain positional advantage.

Deals 200 damage, inflicts Fear.  Fear Forced to run away for 1,8s.  [E] Cerebral Blast

Don’t ever let this sit around on cooldown, as soon as its ready you should stop healing instantly and cast this (Unless your mates have like 10hp). I prefer to use this on the healer, unless he is the focus target. Then put one dps out of play. Also if your mates aren’t to low this is a good time to help out on nuking, get those Feeble Mindedbuffs up! This spell is also good for peeling if your team has incredible pressure on you. But remember, even if you are the main target. You need to Fear a target, find time for it. It allways pays off.

Chrono Bolt – EX

Deals 240 damage, inflicts Stun and knocks target back.
Stuns target for 0,6s.

If you have the upper hand in a 1v1 situation then spending energy on Chrono Bolt will help lock an opponent for your next combo. It hits hard, but as a slight charge up time so aim well.

Creates a sphere at target location, the sphere reflects projectiles and inflicts Slow on nearby enemies, lasts for 2,8s.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 33%, lasts for 0,5s.  [R] Chronoflux

This is one of the most fancy spells in BLC, if you position a Chrono Flux well that can cause a win. If you for example see a gunner loading up his execute or alchemist throwing sleep, as you throw the bubble to reflect take also in mind that it can be in an angle of protecting your teammates. Don’t just randomly hit this button, I advice you to use it pretty much as soon as it’s off cooldown but keep in the back of your head what kind of abilities your opponents have and which ones you’d like to reflect. The Chrono Flux can also block heals, might be handy sometimes. Does NOT reflect Astro ulti.

Casts 3 area spells over 1,6s, each area spell deals 160 damage, inflicts Lockdown and inflicts Time Fever on nearby enemies. A target can only get hit once by this spell.  Lockdown Silences target for up to 3,4s. Damage breaks this effect. This effect cannot be dispelled.  Time Fever Increases damage taken by 25% and lasts for 6s. This effect cannot be dispelled.  [F] Temporal Lockdown

Triple AOE Silence, 160 damage per hit and targets take increased damage afterwards – wow! Similar to the Blood Priest ulti, Temporal Lockdown can be used cast on yourself when being pressured by melee, allowing you to turn the tables on them and go offensive. Can be used without line of sight too, so you can catch opponents fleeing around obstacles by surprise.

Play style and Tips

– Herald is one of the heroes that absolutely MUST use Dynamic Camera, even though you should have it as any BL.

– As Herald you need to look everywhere, check out where your teammates are, if anyone is loading up a nuke, anyone casting at you? Party frames, energy, cooldowns, cc, dynamic camera him back to checking if anyone is nuking. You get the deal, Don’t just tunnel watch your projectile heals.

– Move In between heals, dont be a target dummy where you stand still, unless you are tricking an alche into a reflect sleep or something like that.

– Stay close to your teammates, but not to close to be a viable switch target.

– Shift + M2 Heal, if your getting trained. Try not to turn your back on them.

– Don’t burn two cooldowns at once if your getting trained for example: you got two melee on you, as they leap to you or something similar shiftm2, shiftm2,Q,fear, shihiftm2,run,they will most likely use a charge or something to get back on you, space towards your teammates, shiftm2, shiftm2 as you get heals. Be cool, don’t freak out when 2 dpsers are on you. It’s survivable for quite a while

– Dps and fear while under pressure, don’t go too defensive. Then you’ll stay defensive forever and eventually loose. Try to keep your M1 debuff up on dpsers and always fear.

– Herald is best in small areas, tight hallways etc. Your chronoflux can cover half the area, if your team is in a position to go there, do it.

– If an enemy BL is about to die and your team isn’t critically low, help DPS him down. They are most likely running away or trying to peel, This is a good time to prioritize m1 over m2.

– Fakecasting: If your gonna fear a hero with any sort of reflect, make sure you fakecast and juke the reflect first.

– Tips to people who plays with herald, try not to be to split up, this will make it extremely hard for herald to keep you up and make him vulnerable to switches. And don’t ignore his chronoflux and go charging out if he throws it out to defend you until you receive heals.

– EX-FEAR Is so fast it does not need to be fakecasted, this it what makes it so good

Constructive criticism and feedback highly appreciated!


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