Gunner Guide


Gunner is a ranged bloodline that’s all about surprise burst damage. She’s one of the few bloodlines that can turn invisible and she has a wide arsenal of hard-hitting spells, and it’s for this reason that she’s often picked by beginner players. With her long range, she can keep her enemies zoned out, giving her team free range to control the battlefield.

 Deals 150 damage and inflicts Focus on self.  Focus Increases attack speed by 10%, stacks up to 3 times, and lasts for 7s [M1] Focus Shot

Gunner’s primary source of damage. Focus Shot fires a single projectile that deals damage, but it also grants a stack of the Focus buff, which increases your attack speed. It stacks up to 3 times. That means all you have to do is fire 3 bullets and you’ll be churning out those bullets with incredible speed.

Focus Shot is also the longest-ranged M1 in the game, which allows you to zone your enemies with ease. Even if they’re just outside your range, you can spam your M1 in their direction and they’ll think twice about running in.

When to use Focus Shot?

  • All the time.
 Deals 385 damage and inflicts Stun. Projectile pierces enemies dealing 35% less damage for each target pierced.  Stun Stuns target for 0,25s. [M2] Execute

Execute is a monstrous ability. Not only is it the highest damage non-ultimate ability in the game, it has one of the longest ranges AND it stuns the target on hit AND it pierces through multiple enemies, dealing less damage for each pierced target. But it has two downsides: an insanely long cast time and a sound effect that basically announces to the world that you’re casting.

Nevertheless, if you hit Execute, you’ll immediately blow away a chunk of the enemy’s HP. In most cases, they’ll be left with very little Recovery HP, so you can swoop on in and chip away at their Real HP. And even if you miss, don’t fret too much. The short cooldown will let you have another chance soon enough.

Execute also has an EX version, which deals considerably less damage but casts much faster. In addition to the Stun, Execute EX also slows the enemy.

When to use Execute?

  • When you’re Stealthed.
  • When you can hit an enemy’s backside (for the bonus damage).
  • When the enemy team is lined up.
  • When you need to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.

When to use Execute EX?

  • When you need to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.
  • When you want to chase an enemy with no outs.
  • When an enemy is almost dead.
Jumps in the opposite direction of target location, deals 120 damage and inflicts Stun on nearby enemies before the jump.  Stun Stuns target for 0,7s.  [Space] Rocket Jump

Rocket Jump fires a rocket under you, launching you into the air and sending you in the opposite direction from your mouse cursor. Enemies around you at the time you Rocket Jump will be damaged and stunned. This is Gunner’s only true escape ability and it has a long enough cooldown that you’ll want to use it when it really matters.

You can use Rocket Jump while Stealthed and you’ll remain invisible.

When to use Rocket Jump?

  • When you need to escape.
Becomes invisible, increases movement speed by 15%, lasts 2,4s.  [Q] Stealth

When Stealthed, Gunner becomes invisible and gains bonus movespeed. The Stealth is an instant cast, which is extremely useful for juking. If you need to get away from an enemy, run in one direction, cast Stealth, then turn in a different direction. They’ll have no idea.

Be aware that even when you’re invisible, you can still be hit by spells and projectiles. Just because you’re invisible doesn’t mean you can freely walk through the battlefield anywhere. There’s no counting how many times an invisible Gunner has died from walking into an AoE or a stray projectile.

When to use Stealth?

  • When you need to escape.
  • When you want to shake off enemy pressure.
  • When you want to set up a burst combo.
  • When you want to reposition yourself.
Deals 80 damage and inflicts both Spell Block and Slow.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 30%, lasts for 2s.  Spell Block Interrupts next ability cast and disables it for 3s. This lasts for 0,6s.  [E] Disabling Shot

Disabling Shot inflicts minor damage but inflicts Spellblock on the enemy and slows them. Even with its slight cast time, you can still hit enemies reliably due to the super fast speed of the projectile. Remember that you can Spellblock an enemy who is mid-cast, which effectively interrupts them and temporarily blocks that spell from being cast again.

Due to the short cooldown and sizeable energy gain, you should be using Disabling Shot at every chance you get. If you miss, it’ll be up again soon. If you hit someone, suddenly you have an advantage.

When to use Disabling Shot?

  • When you want to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.
  • When you want to slow an enemy (to chase them).
  • Fire it at the enemy healer when they’re heal-spamming (guaranteed heal block).
Deals 160 damage, inflicts Blind and knocks target back slightly.  Blind Blinded for 2s.  [R] Mortar

Mortar places an AoE on the ground and launches an artillery at the location. All enemies caught inside will be damaged, knocked back, and Blinded. If you manage to Blind someone, you should take advantage of that opportunity to sink a few M1s into them. Or if you’re feeling lucky, charge an Execute; it’ll fire before they can see again.

Mortar also has an EX version, which fires a projectile. When it hits an enemy (or reaches max range), it’ll explode, dealing damage to all enemies nearby, as well as knocking them all back. The knockback on Mortar EX is impressively strong, so you can use it to push enemies around the battlefield and disrupt their formations.

When to use Mortar?

  • Use it on the enemy healer to keep them from healing.
  • When you can catch multiple enemies in it.
  • When enemies are focusing you or your teammates (relieves pressure).
  • When you’re about to burst an enemy (so they can’t dodge).

When to use Mortar EX?

  • When you want to throw off an enemy’s positioning.
  • When an enemy is focusing you or your teammate.
  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
Fires 5 projectiles over 2,4s, each projectile deals 200 damage on direct hit and 140 damage to enemies near impact location, knocks targets back slightly.  [F] Rocket Launcher

When Gunner busts out her ultimate, all hell breaks loose. In line with her theme, Rocket Launcher is a channeled ability that fires multiple rocket projectiles towards the mouse cursor. When a rocket hits an enemy (or reaches max range), it explodes, dealing lots of damage and knocking the enemies back.

This ability is good in two ways: it inflicts a ton of AoE damage to the enemy team AND it forces them to scatter out of formation. If you manage to directly hit an enemy with all rockets, you’ll have pushed them back so far that you won’t even be able to see them anymore. Every time a Rocket Launcher is brought out is an opportunity to tilt the round in your favor.

When to use Rocket Launcher?

  • When the enemy team is clustered together.
  • When an enemy has no outs remaining.
  • When you can score a kill.

Basic Tactics, Techniques, and Combos

Positioning is critical. You have one true out in Rocket Jump. Stealth can be used as an out, too, but that won’t be available if you use it offensively. This means that you really need to keep yourself at max range whenever you can. Learn how to dodge while shooting because you’ll be nothing more than a sitting duck after Rocket Jumping.

Lots of control. Gunner is purely offensive. The only way you can be a constant threat is by constantly pressuring the enemy team, and using your soft CC abilities are crucial. If you’re only damaging the enemy, they’ll eventually find an opening and strike at you. But if you’re constantly blinding them, stunning them, knocking them around, and causing chaos, then you’ll keep them on their toes.

Choosing the right targets for Execute. Execute takes out a huge chunk of an enemy’s HP, but if all of that damage is absorbed by Recovery HP, then they’ll just heal right back up. Net gain: nothing. Instead, prioritize your Execute targets by how little Recovery HP they have. That way, you’re always dealing permanent damage.

Stealth into Execute. Surprise, surprise! One of the most opportune times to charge up an Execute is when you’re invisible. The enemy can still hear you, but it’ll force them to split their attention between you and whatever they’re already doing. That psychological advantage is quite strong.

Single target burst combo. If you’re focusing on a single enemy, try incorporating this combo when they have no outs left: M1 > Mortar > M1, M1 > Disabling Shot > M1, M1, M1. The Mortar gives you time to wail on them, the Disabling Shot gives you even more time. Cap it off with an Execute EX if you want.

EX abilities vs. ultimate. For the most part, Gunner’s ultimate outshines her two EX abilities. Execute EX can be clutch if you can instantly interrupt a big channel spell, like Astronomer’s Astral Beam or Herald’s Temporal Lockdown. Mortar EX can be useful, too. In either case, those situations aren’t so common and it’s better to save for the terrifying Rocket Launcher.


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