Glutton Guide


Glutton is a tank bloodline… technically. In reality, his skillset is built to dish out a lot of sustained damage while keeping himself alive. He’s very self-sufficient but not very versatile. If you tend to have tunnel vision, Glutton may be the bloodline for you. He’s straightforward to play and mitigates damage well, thus he is one of the better bloodlines for beginners.

 Deals 110/120/130 damage on consecutive hits and inflicts Armor Break.  Armor Break Increases damage taken by 6%, stacks up to 3 times, lasts 4s. [M1] Crushing Strike

On its own, Crushing Strike doesn’t deal all that much damage. However, its secondary effect is to apply the Armor Break debuff on the target, which stacks up to three times and increases the damage they take. The energy gain is high and the attack speed is relatively fast, so don’t be afraid to spam M1 on an enemy if you can.

When to use Crushing Strike?

  • To build Armor Break stacks on an enemy.
  • When you have nothing else to do.
 Deals 160 damage, inflicts Slow, and knocks the target up into the air, towards the Glutton's location.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 25%, lasts for 2s. [M2] Stalagmite

Stalagmite sends a projectile-like spell towards the mouse cursor. If it collides with an enemy, it deals damage and slows their movespeed and pulls them to you. Due to the pull and slow, it is perfect for setting up a few M1 hits. The cooldown is short and the energy gain is good, so use it every chance you get.

When to use Stalagmite?

  • When you want to intiate a fight on an enemy.
  • When an enemy is focusing your teammate.
  • When you need burst damage.
Deals 80 - 180 damage and slightly knocks target back on impact. Damage increases with distance dashed. Applies Bad Temperament on self when reaching target destination.  Bad Temperament Increases movement speed by 25%, lasts 3s.  [Space] Rush

Rush is exactly what it sounds like: Glutton rushes towards the mouse cursor. If he collides with an enemy, it deals damage proportional to the distance dashed, knocks back slightly, and applies the Bad Temperament buff on himelf. This buff makes him move faster temporarily.

Rush is Glutton’s only real escape spell, but it’s best used in an offensive manner. Glutton is tanky enough that he can stay in a fight indefinitely (if played right), so you shouldn’t need to use it as an escape too often. Be careful, though, since it can be bodyblocked by an enemy.

When to use Rush?

  • When you want to initiate a fight on an enemy.
  • When an enemy is trying to run.
  • When you need to escape.
Deals 100 damage , inflicts Concussion and slightly knocks target back. Additionally the Glutton takes a bite of his Meat healing him for 180 health after 0,4s.  Concussion Incapacitates target for 1,8s, damage breaks this effect, the damage source that breaks the effect is reduced by 50%.  [Q] Meat and Eat

Meat and Eat is a cone-based melee attack that damages and incapacitates all enemies in front of the Glutton. The incap lasts a relatively long time and is broken by damage; the hit that breaks the incap will have reduced damage. Additionally, Glutton heals himself after swinging his big meat bone (even if he doesn’t hit anyone).

Meat and Eat can be incorporated in a burst combo, but due to the long incap duration, it should be reserved for taking certain enemies out of the fight. For example, healers.

Meat and Eat also has an EX version, which fires a meaty projectile towards the mouse cursor. If it impacts an enemy, it deals substantial damage and incapacitates for an even longer duration than Meat and Eat. The EX version can be used in a burst combo because it hurts so much, but the long incap is best saved for taking out an enemy.

When to use Meat and Eat?

  • When you’re being focused and need some relief from pressure.
  • When you’re alone and need healing.
  • When you can hit the enemy healer.

When to use Meat and Eat EX?

  • When you need burst damage.
  • When you can hit the enemy healer.
Creates an area effect at target location after a 0,5s delay. Enemy projectiles that enter the area are slowed, enemies are affected by Earth Storm and allies are affected by Earth Guard, the area effect lasts for 3,5s.  Earth Storm Deals 20 damage every 0,5s and reduces movement speed by 25%.  Earth Guard Reduces damage taken by 25%.  [E] Earth Storm

Earth Storm summons a black, cloudy AoE on the ground. Enemy projectiles that pass through the Earth Storm are drastically slowed. In addition, enemies in the Earth Storm have reduced movespeed and take minor damage over time; teammates in the Earth Storm take less damage.

Even though the projectile-slowing aspect of Earth Storm is nice, this spell is best used when you or a teammate is being focused. If your team is fighting close together, throw this down on top of all of you and you’ll mitigate a ton of damage.

Earth Storm also has an EX version, which does nearly the exact same thing as the regular Earth Storm except that it also heals teammates in the AoE over time. This spell is extremely useful and it’s not uncommon to see Gluttons spam this ability all round long to keep his teammates alive.

When to use Earth Storm?

  • Place on top of yourself or your teammates while fighting.
  • Place between your teammates and the enemy to slow down projectiles.
  • Place on an enemy to slow down their escape.

When to use Earth Storm EX?

  • Place on top of yourself or your teammates while fighting.
  • Place on top of teammates who need healing.
Shields self or target ally, dispelling all movement impairing effects. All damage taken is reduced by 80%. Deals 90 damage to nearby enemies when hit by a direct attack as well as when this effect ends, energy gains from enemy attacks are reduced by 75%. This effect breaks after absorbing 400 damage or after 1,6s. The damaging effect can only trigger once every 0,3s. A targetted ally cannot move or act while under this effect.  [R] Stone Shield

Stone Shield is a targetable spell that encases you or your teammate in a barrier of stone. It dispels all movespeed-impairing debuffs on the target as well as making them unable to move. While shielded, the target takes drastically less damage. If a shielded target is attacked, the shield deals damage to all nearby enemies.

While it’s important to use Stone Shield on your teammates, you also want to make sure that you don’t mess them up by doing so. For example, putting a teammate Astronomer in Stone Shield while he’s channeling his ultimate is a terrible idea. Instead, use it on teammates who have no outs left or teammates who are incapped.

When to use Stone Shield?

  • When you or a teammate are in the middle of multiple enemies.
  • On teammates without any outs.
  • On teammates who are incapped.
Slams the ground 4 times over 2,2s, each slam creates a shockwave effect that deals 160 damage and inflicts Slow on impact.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 25%, lasts for 4s.  [F] Aftershock

Glutton’s big ultimate has the potential to be a game-changer. While channeling, Glutton sends out four shockwaves in the direction of the mouse cursor. Each shockwave inflicts considerable damage and slows all enemies that stand in its path. Aftershock has a slight cast time during which you can be interrupted, so be wary of that.

Throwing all four shockwaves into a clumped up enemy team can devastate all of them. Best case scenario, you’ll just outright kill all of them. Always save Aftershock for when an enemy has no outs remaining. Hitting multiple targets is a bonus, not a necessity.

When to use Aftershock?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
  • When an enemy has no outs remaining.

Basic Tactics, Techniques, and Combos

Single target burst combo. If you need to burst down an enemy, try this combo: Rush > Stalagmite > M1, M1, M1 > Meat and Eat. Rush from max range if possible (for max damage). Spam M1 more than 3 times if you can manage it; that’s when the Armor Break debuff will be stacked to the max. End with the Meat and Eat so you can get away safely.

Managing your defenses. The thing about Glutton is that he can keep himself safe in numerous ways: Stone Shield, Earth Storm, Earth Storm EX, Meat and Eat, and Rush if he needs to get away. Despite the vast arsenal of defensive potential, keeping the cooldowns separate is essential. If you get caught with none of those spells available, you’re liable to die very quickly.

Building energy. Glutton’s Aftershock is brutal. Therefore, your main goal as Glutton (other than killing your enemies) is to build as much energy as fast as possible. M1 hits are fast and grant lots of energy. Hit multiple enemies with Meat and Eat to multiply its energy gain. Build up energy, unleash Aftershock, repeat.

Stone Shield is potent! Even though it’s mainly a defensive ability, Stone Shield can put out a LOT of damage if the enemy team beats on it. It’s not uncommon to see Stone Shield as the Glutton’s #1 source of damage in a round, so don’t just use it defensively. Run into the middle of the enemies and Shield up (if you can do so safely).


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