Getting Started

gettingstartedJust started playing, but the people in solo matchmaking are being mean to you?

You’ve come to the right place! Fyi this guide contains zero gameplay information but has tips on how to not set yourself up for disappointment and is meant only for total beginners.

First steps:

Is the ladder game button looking tempting? It’ll have to wait for a while. You should DEFINITELY finish the tutorial, especially because you’ll get an achievement for that(more about that later). Then you should get accustomed to the bloodlines in this weeks rotation. Unless you’ve already bought some, this guide isn’t for you.

Check out the free bloodlines in rotation at the official BLC forums>Community Announcements

From the Forums you have to go to Community announcements -> Bloodline rotation.

BL Info

After that, launch the game and go the Knowledge base(the book icon on top) -> Bloodline guide and look at those bloodlines that are in this weeks rotation.


Look at all the skills these four bloodlines posses, so you know which end to point at your friends and which – at your foes. Now to get some practice: Press singleplayer on the bottom-left.


You can leave the maps alone or change them, doesn’t matter. What you should do is change the team size to 1v1 and press the advanced tab.


Here, choose the amount of rounds you want to play in succession. I’d advise 1 round to get maximum bloodcoins from achievements(I’ll go a bit more in-depth about that a bit later).

Try out all 4 weekly bloodlines and choose one you’ll be sticking with for a while. Set the team size to 2v2, and do this:


Close the slot on your allied bot so its 2 of them vs 1 of you. Bots are not much use for practice beyond basics, but two of them should help you deal with pressure better.

Feel you’ve had enough practice? Time to move to the meat of the game – multiplayer! Choose either to create a game or join an existing one. Just keep in mind the grade tab, if you are just starting out, you should try to find/create servers for 1-around 7 or lower so you don’t get to play with someone out of your league. Just remember – just have fun and don’t get discouraged if you lose, you’re getting better with each game!

Bloodcoins and Paying for stuff:

You’ve probably figured that weekly bloodlines mean that they change. And you might have seen players with different avatars, titles and bloodlines with different weapons on them. You can buy all that at the Marketplace with either real currency converted into funcom points or bloodcoins that you get for playing the game and achievements. On top of that, you can “buy” the game and get content for much less, than you would buying it seperatly with funcom points. These come in two varieties:

Champion edition – you get 16 bloodlines + items + additional bloodcoins for 29.99$ iirc. Think of this as you would about buying any other game.

Titan edition – You get everything even upcoming stuff except some super special event items, like pre-order avatars and the like, for 89.99$ iirc. Think of this as a “OH GOD I LOVE THE GAME, I LOVE THE DEVS, I WANT TO SUPPORT THEM AND I’M GOING TO PLAY THIS FOR EVER AND EVER AND EVER” edition :P

Now, if you don’t want to spend money on the game yet but want to get a permanent bloodline/some items with bloodcoins, then go to the next sections


Already set your eyes on the bloodline you want to main but custom games are too slow? This is where achievements come in! You should already gained some if you followed this guide, now we will focus on them. Go My account(the person button on the top) -> Achievements. The first ones you should get are in the General, Gamemodes -> Arena and Bloodlines tabs.

Achievements(exposing my profile for the good of the community *violin* )

Lets get the easiest out of the way:

Fresh out of the cradle – you should already have this one. If not, do the tutorial.
Super Friendly – add a random person in the chat channel.
It’s go time – ask a random person in the chat channel to join/make a team.
Clansman – join/create a clan.
Championship – Grade X/Ding! – Level X/Boom!HS! X – these are a byproduct of you playing the game so to say.

Now, start up single player again and limit the game to 2-3 maps, so you can get the achievements for winning 10 times in each, set Rounds to 1 and team size to 1v1. Then just pick a random bloodline and play a game with it. You should definitely get all the achievements for playing a bloodline once, because not only do you get bloodcoins doing it, you’ll learn what other bloodlines can do against you and so become a better player. Like they say – know your enemy.


After you’ve done all this, feel confident in custom games even when going against players a few grades higher than you (confident as in you won’t panic as soon as things don’t go your way), you should press the fabled Ladder Game button. :)
Ladder games will give out at least two times more bloodcoins than custom games due to the ladder game bonus(600 bloodcoins a day).

If you have a friend or two playing the game with you, you’ll probably have a far better experience making a team with them because wins/losses in the team ladder are caused only by your skill or lack of it. It really takes a big part of randomness out that makes solo matchmaking so frustrating.

If you do want to play solo matchmaking, understanding the underlying mechanics will make it a tad less frustrating. A perfect solo matchmaking system would cause players to keep a 50% win/loss ratio. This means you’ll often lose without it being your fault when you’ve been matchmade with worse players and you’ll often cause your team to lose because you’ve been matchmade with better players. Just try to do your best each game and don’t take your rating too seriously, it’ll save you some anger. :)

Buying a bloodline:



Go to the Marketplace->Browse Items->Bloodlines. You can also do the same through the Knowledge Base->Bloodlines screen.

Have fun, and if you have some further questions type “/j help” in the chat or post on the forums .

Crits and comments welcome. I wrote this because reading up on people jumping into ladder just after the tutorial is quite painful. xD


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