Engineer Guide


Engineer is a ranged bloodline that’s all about control, control, control. Using numerous guns, tools, and devices, he can dictate the pace of a round if he can hit all of his abilities. On the other hand, Engineer can also put out a lot of DPS pressure if necessary. Most of his abilities are projectile-based; if your aim isn’t good, he isn’t very forgiving.

 Fires 4 projectiles in an arc. Each projectile deals 46 damage. [M1] Boomstick

Engineer differs from the rest of the ranged bloodlines due to his M1’s range. The boomstick is a glorified shotgun, which fires 4 pellets in a narrow arc in front of him at mid-range. For maximum damage, you need to hit an enemy with every pellet, which means you are most effective when you’re in your enemy’s face. That puts you in the danger zone.

When to use Boomstick?

  • When you’re right next to an enemy.
  • When you can kite a melee attacker.
  • When your other abilities are on cooldown.
 Deals 100 damage and inflicts Incapacitate.  Incapacitate Incapacitates target for 2,7s, damage breaks this effect. [M2] Concussion Shot

The paradox of Engineer is that his M1 is mid-ranged, but his other projectiles are long-ranged, including Concussion Shot. If you hit an enemy with this, they’ll be damaged and incapacitated for quite a while. Damage will break the incap, so make sure you don’t break it unless you’re only using Concussion Shot for burst.

Concussion has a long cast time, which is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes that cast time will seem like an eternity, but you can use it to your advantage by fakecasting. Cancel it right at the last minute to trick your enemies.

When to use Concussion Shot?

  • When you can single out an enemy who your team isn’t focusing.
  • When you need a burst combo.
  • Fakecast to trick your enemies.
Travels to target location, inflicting Oil on enemies beneath the Engineer. This ability has a minimum range.  Oil Reduces movement speed by 25%, lasts for 3s  [Space] Jet Pack

Jet Pack is Engineer’s one and only true escape, so be very purposeful when you use it. It launches the Engineer to his cursor, applying the Oil debuff on all enemies that he passes over, which slows their movespeeds. Oil is great for running away because they can’t catch up, but it also pairs with Flame Thrower for extra damage.

Basically, Jet Pack can be used both defensively and offensively. Knowing how to use it in any given circumstance is where the difficulty lies. For the most part, it’s better to use it defensively, especially for beginners.

When to use Jet Pack?

  • When you need to escape.
  • When you can Oil multiple enemies.
  • When you want to ambush an enemy (follow up with Flame Thrower).
Fires 4 cone attacks over 1,2s, each deals 60 damage, inflicts Slow and consumes any Oil effect, inflicting Burning Oil.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 20%, lasts for 1s.  Burning Oil Deals 60 damage every 2s and lasts for 6s.  [Q] Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower fires 4 mid-ranged cone attacks towards the cursor, dealing damage and slowing enemies in the fire each time. If you hit an enemy that has the Oil debuff from Jet Pack, it’ll turn into the Burning Oil debuff, which inflicts a considerable damage over time. When you need to be offensive, these two abilities combo quite nicely.

Thanks to the slow component of Flame Thrower, though, you can use it as you run away from melee attackers. The slow lasts long enough for you to escape or at least wait for your other abilities to refresh off cooldown. Additionally, the Flame Thrower cooldown is relatively short, so don’t be afraid to use it.

Flame Thrower also has an EX version, which channels a gravity-charged beam that deals damage over time and pulls enemies towards you. While enemies are standing in the beam, they have reduced attack speed and movespeed. Great for peeling enemies off your teammates or chasing down runners.

When to use Flame Thrower?

  • When you’re running from a melee attacker.
  • When you can hit an Oiled enemy.
  • When the enemy team is clumped together.

When to use Flame Thrower EX?

  • When enemies are focusing your teammates.
  • When an enemy is focusing you and you want to weaken them.
  • When an enemy is trying to run away but has no outs.
Deals 200 damage on a direct hit, inflicts EMP Shock, and removes all positive effects from enemies near the impact location.  EMP Shock Slows movement speed to 20%, movement speed gradually returns to 100% over a duration of 1,5s.  [E] EMP Blast

EMP Blast is your main burst damage spell, but it’s so much more than that. If you hit an enemy, it does considerable damage AND drastically slows them. The enemy gradually regains their movespeed over time, but it gives you enough space to wail on them a few times. Additionally, EMP Blast removes all buffs from all nearby enemies at the point of impact.

EMP Blast has a reasonable cast time and a relatively short cooldown, but don’t just cast it whenever you want. Be patient and wait for opportunities to purge buffs and inflict burst damage. The short cooldown means you can do this over and over, effectively shutting down your enemies.

When to use EMP Blast?

  • When you want to slow an enemy that your team is focusing.
  • When you want to purge buffs from an enemy (even better if they’re clumped together).
  • When you need a burst combo.
Deals 120 damage to enemies near target ally and knocks them away, removes all negative effects and triggers Shrink on target ally.  Shrink Increases attack speed by 20% and reduces size by 30%, lasts for 4s.  [R] Shrink Device

Shrink Device is a teammate targetable spell that makes for some of the most clutch Engineer plays. When you Shrink someone (or yourself), all of their debuffs are purged, they become smaller and harder to hit, and they attack faster. Additionally, all nearby enemies are damaged and knocked away. If you or a teammate is being swarmed, Shrink can be a soft out.

Shrink Device also has an EX version, which is mostly the same except it enlarges instead of shrinks. Instead of attacking faster, the target takes reduced damage, inflicts more damage, is larger and easier to hit, and enemies earn reduced energy gain when attacking them. The AoE knockback, damage, and debuff purge all remain.

When to use Shrink Device?

  • When you need to quickly purge yourself or your teammate of debuffs.
  • When you’re in the middle of enemies (damage and knockback).
  • When a teammate needs a DPS boost.

When to use Shrink Device EX?

  • When you or a teammate is being heavily focused.
Fires 18 projectiles over 3s, each projectile deals 80 damage and inflicts Slow.  Slow Reduces movement speed by 15%, lasts for 1,5s.  [F] Machine Gun

Machine Gun is the more painful single-target ability in the entire game. When activated, Engineer channels his machine gun and fires eighteen bullets in quick succession. If an enemy is hit, they’ll be inflicted with a minor slow. All things considered, if you land your first bullet, the slow will be enough to almost guarantee all eighteen to hit as long as they don’t have any outs.

While Machine Gun is decimating if all bullets hit, that’s not always the case. That’s why you should try to aim it into a group of enemies so if you happen to miss, the bullet still has a chance to strike another enemy.

When to use Machine Gun?

  • When an enemy has no outs remaining.
  • When the enemy team is clumped together.

Basic Tactics, Techniques, and Combos

Zone the enemy with Concussion Shot and EMP Blast. These two spells are among the longest ranged spells in BLC. This means you can use them to zone out enemies that are far away (e.g., healers) while putting out pressure on enemies near to you (with M1 and Flame Thrower).

Energy management. Always, always, always hit your Concussion Shots and EMP Blasts. Each of them grants a huge boost to your energy pool, which further empowers your potential. If you want to keep an enemy at bay, use M1 and Flamethrower; save Concussion Shot and EMP Blast for when you won’t miss.

Single target burst combo. If you’re in a position to unleash hell on a single enemy, consider the following combo: EMP Blast > Concussion Shot > Flame Thrower > Shrink Device (yourself) > M1, M1, M1. The EMP slow will make landing the Concussion Shot easier. While incapped, walk up to the enemy and Flame Thrower, which slows them again, allowing you to pump them full of attack-speed-increased M1s.

Wide Flame Thrower combo. If the enemy team is clumped together and they don’t have much Recovery HP, here’s a combo you can use: Jet Pack > EMP Blast > Flame Thrower > M1, M1, M1. Jet Pack over them so they’re all hit by the Oil debuff. Immediately follow up with an EMP Blast to slow and a full sweep of Flame Thrower, which will make them all start burning. Very quick way to make the whole team hurt.

Dispel teammates and enemies. With EMP Blast and Shrink Device, you can strip away buffs on enemies and debuffs on teammates. When possible, wait for the enemy to use their defenses then strip away: Alchemist’s and Blood Priest’s Barriers, Thorn and Glutton’s Shields, Astronomer and Guardian’s M1 stacks, etc. Also, Shrink Device teammates when they’re stunned!

Lead your projectiles. Perhaps the most important aspect of Engineer’s abilities, especially his Machine Gun, is that they must be led. If you aim your Machine Gun directly on an enemy, the bullets will trail behind them, so instead you should aim slightly ahead. This is true to a lesser degree for Concussion Shot and EMP Blast.


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