Combat Basics

Combat Basics

1. The Basics

1.1 – Introduction to Bloodline Champions
Bloodline Champions is an overhead arena combat game. Movement is controlled using a WASD scheme and skills are aimed using the mouse. All abilities must be aimed, as there is no automatic targeting system. All abilities are controlled by cooldowns, there is no mana system.. The most common game mode is 3v3 arena where two teams fight and the last team standing wins.

This guide will focus on giving you a crash course in BLC, providing basic information in a highly condensed format. 

1.2 – Terminology
Bloodline – The character you select and play, this game’s equivalent of heroes. Often referred to as heroes, champions, or characters.
CC – “Crowd Control”, an MMO term, refers to various stuns, slows, and other
DoT – “Damage over Time”, damages the target over a period of time
HoT – “Heal over time”, heals over time
AoE – “Area of Effect”, an ability that hits in an area
Jump or Leap – Spacebar skills, they involve jumping, leaping, warping, and various other travel methods to bypass walking
Escape – Skills that can be you to evade damage and get out of sticky situations, typically jumps and invulnerabilities.
Reflect – Bounces projectiles back at the owner, making them safe for your team and dangerous to the enemy team.
Kiting – The art of running away from enemy bloodlines, particularly melee bloodlines just enough so they can’t hit you. When they stop chasing or you are at safe range you attack again.
Initiate – Using a skill to quickly close the gap and start the fight before the two teams have begun skirmishing each other. This is attempted in a manner that gives the initiating team an advantage.

1.3 – Mechanics
– Heals are projectiles that must be aimed. They have an area of effect so that you do not need to hit dead on, but the closer you hit to the target the bigger the heal.
– A player cannot be healed for more than 40% of their max health at any given time. Healed health will appear in a slightly lighter color, or gray if healing is maxed out. If a maxed out player receives damage it will come out of the healed health first and you will be able to heal them again.
– When arena matches exceed the given time limit the game enters sudden death. A black fog will begin closing in. This fog will rapidly drain your health and kill you if you enter it.
– Ultimates are charged when you land skills and are only available once your meter (yellow bar) is filled to 100%. Using your ultimate empties this bar.
– You receive 20% more damage if hit from behind

1.4 – Status Conditions
Common Conditions
Stun – Disables movement and ability use
Incapacitate – Disables movement and ability use, but breaks on damage
Slow – Reduces movement speed
Weaken – Reduces the damage and healing done
Blind – Causes screen to temporarily go white so the affected player cannot see
Taunt – Forces you to run towards character who applied taunt
Fear – Target runs in the opposite direction from the fear source, breaks on damage
Spellblock – Interrupts and temporarily disables a skill, if the enemy wasn’t using a skill there is a brief period where it will interrupt and disable the next skill they use.

Select Unique Conditions
Sleep – Alchemist incapacitate with unique animation
Hemorrhage – Harbinger slow, allows the Harbinger’s melee attacks to steal life
Sluggish – Nomad slow, also slows projectiles
Ignite – Igniter’s DoT, reapplies by his M1

1.5 – Items
Items are channeled abilities that have long cast times to be effective. They are interrupted by damage. You are rarely meant to use them in combat. They are more of a way to force the enemy to come to you. For example if it is 2v1 and the enemy is running you can revive your teammate or heal yourself using items. The enemy then has to come to you to interrupt them.

Bloodline Medallion(F1) – Heals you over time, heals start small, but get bigger over time.
Resurrect(F2) – Revives an ally, you must be right on top of them.

1.6 – Basic combat
– Keep moving between skill uses, a player standing still is soon to be dead.
– Dodge between skill uses if enemies are trying to hit you, a small step to the side can make a big difference. Often only the body length of a small character is needed.
– Move perpendicular to the enemy to dodge, that is the most difficult movement to hit.
– Melee attacks are actually a short ranged arc, the direction you aim them is important
– Melee can attack and move at the same time, use this to chase fleeing enemies. Those hits to the back hurt.
– In general, melee wants to be up close and ranged wants to have some distance between them and the melee. If you are melee think about how to get in. If you are ranged think about how to get away.
– Don’t get too far away from your healers or the other players. If you are alone you are a much easier target. Healers can’t always keep up with your jumps since they often have to save jumps for defensive plays.
– If you don’t seem to be getting anywhere attacking one player, changing targets may be called for. Remember if you can’t kill their healer, CCing the healer and killing the other players often works.
– Healers cannot keep you alive if you sit and take damage. You need to use your escape and be aware of how much damage you are taking. Only trade blows if you are sure the other guy will die first.

1.7 – Tricks and Tips
– Holding Shift while casting a friendly ability automatically casts it on yourself.
– Holding the key to use an ability down will use it as soon as it becomes available, this is useful for chaining melee attacks.
– You can start a solo match by hosting your own game, closing all other slots (right click on them) and then hitting ready. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with a bloodline’s skills.
– Play what you are comfortable with and expand the Bloodlines you play at your own pace. If you try to play something new because you think your team needs it, your team will probably be worse off than if you just played something you were comfortable with.


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