Blood Priest Guide

Blood Priest

Hallo thar everyone. This is my first bloodline guide, and i hope that all of you blood priest players will get something useful out of this :3 Let’s start off with some pros and cons.

Pros Cons
  • Extraordinary healing.
  • Decent damage output.
  • High agility allowing for many kiting possibilities.
  • Decent CC.
  • Can 1v2 with minimal healing under the right circumstances.
  • Vulnerable without space or EX Q
  • Easy target due to larger size.
  • Outclassed by pomp in damage, Astro in burst, Herald in CC, and has similar healing power to Alch.
 BP M1 [M1] Orb of Darkness

Deals 14 damage and applies Radiant Darkness on self.

Radiant Darkness
Reduces damage suffered from using Dark Prayer by 2 per stack, increases damage done by Orb of Darkness by 1, stacks up to 3 times, lasts 8s.

Cooldown: 0.6 secCast time: 0.40 sec
Range: 96
Energy gain: 9%

Short cast time/cooldown and deals some nice damage. Combine it with M2 to reduce self damage to dish out insane heals without sacrificing hp. While hitting shielded opponents (e.g. Glutton/Alch) deals little damage, keep in mind you still receive the buff!

 BP M2 [M2] Dark Prayer

Heals ally closest to target location for 22 health and triggers Hunger for Blood if target recovers health, damage dealt to self can only bring the Blood Priest down to 1 health. Heals other nearby allies for up to 5 health. As distance from impact location increases, healing decreases.

Hunger for Blood
5% of damage dealt heals self, stacks up to 3 times, lasts for 6s.

Cooldown: 0.4 secCast time: 0.60 sec
Range: 135Area: 26
Energy gain: 6%

A heavy heal that awards a lot of energy. Did your mate just get executed from long range? No problem, just partially heal them over the course of 4-5 heals, and you also get one extra heal on yourself, so that’s like 12% energy.

Healing teammates often leaves little time to heal yourself. Try using shield to recover health, and once you reach 40%, use the insects EX. This should heal you up while you waste hp trying to heal someone. Also you’ll be dealing quite some damage with this.

 BP Space [Space] Possession

Travels to target location, possesses a target enemy upon impact. A possessed target cannot move or act during the effect. The Blood Priest travels to a new target location when the possession effect ends, deals 8 damage and heals the Blood Priest for 8 health. The possession effect last for 0.6s.

Range: 90
Energy gain: 10%

Cannot be reflected.

Can’t get tranced, can’t get reflected, the only trouble is that if your enemy evades it, you’re pretty much dead. But still, the 0.6s disable is invaluable when you are trying to hold someone in your ult/Q/EX E. Not to mention it has potentially twice the movement of any other space (if you possess someone at long range, you can go even further, almost covering half the map)
Oh, and one last thing – 10% energy. Any time you are trying to escape from someone, make sure you possess them. You will still get away, but you’ll get some energy out of it.

 BP Q [Q] Terror of Ahl’Buhl

Deals 12 damage and inflicts Fear on nearby enemies after a 1s delay.

Forced to run for 2s

EX: Black Art of Ahl’Buhl
Travels to target location, deals 12 damage and inflicts Fear on nearby enemies after a 1s delay.

Cooldown: 9.0 sec, Cast time: 0.40 sec
Range: 120, Area: 20
Energy gain: 5%

Potent kiting tool vs melee. Cast it on yourself when being pressured The best part of this is definitely the EX version though. A second mobility spell with a CC on top. It’s just awesome.

 BP E [E] Insects

Inflicts Insects and knocks target back. The knockback effect becomes weaker the farther the projectile travels.

Deals 6 damage every 0.9s, reduces movement speed by 10% and reduces sight range by 75%, lasts for 2.7s.

EX: Swarm
Creates an insect swarm when reaching target location. The swarm inflicts Insects on all nearby enemies. The insect swarm lasts for 3s.

Cooldown: 8.0 sec, Cast time: 0.50 sec
Range: 132
Energy gain: 12%

Insanely long range AND a pushback. All in all a good kiting skill and one of the better anti-ranged skills.

The EX version is like a mini ulti. Combo this with shield and M1 to reverse the pressure on melee attackers.

 BP R [R] Blood Shield

Shield target ally, 33% of damage dealt to target is redirected to the attacker; the redirected damage also heals the Blood Priest for the same amount. Last for 2.5s.

Cooldown: 8.0 sec, Cast time: 0.00 sec

The infamous shield. When someone’s getting focused, you want a lot of heals on him right? A lot of heals hurt you right? Well not anymore! With the Blood Shield, 33% of the damage taken heals you wherever you are, so you can heal to your heart’s content! Oh, and since 33% damage is returned and 33% heals you, you get a LOT of reduction when you cast it on yourself.

 BP F [F] Corpse Explosion

Summons corpses from beneath in a line in front of the Blood Priest, inflicts Slow on impact, deals 40 damage to nearby enemies and heals nearby allies for 25 health after a 0.7s delay.

Reduces movement speed by 40%, lasts for 1s.

Cooldown: 1.0 sec, Cast time: 0.50 sec
Range: 150, Area: 22
Energy cost: 100%

The infamous ulti. Some say it sucks compared to EX insects. Well, it sometimes happens that you get a lot of energy from random heals and M1s, and instead of having to use EXs, you suddenly get 100% energy out of nowhere! Instant AOE damage and heals make this epic.


  • Orb of Darkness + Dark Prayer: Pretty straightforward. More M1s = Less damage taken from M2.
  • Blood Shield + Orb of Darkness: Gives you the upper hand in M1 fights.
  • Blood Shield + Dark Prayer: Use this when under fire, and save your next few heals to support your team (or rapidly recover yourself).
  • Terror of Ablablablabla + Possession: Lock your opponent in place with space, to ensure that your Q hits them. Especially useful when you know they still have escapes available.
  • Swarm (ex) + Possession : Swarm deals dot in an area, you want to keep people in that area. Possession does that. ’nuff said.
  • Insects + Terror of Ahl’Buhl: Like igniter’s E + Q combo, except if you pull this one off, you’re really good cuz the pushback is slower and the area is lower. I’ve only done it like twice and it’s not even worth it.
  • Corpse Explosion + Terror of Ahl’Buhl : The 12 damage you’ll get from Q is adding insult to injury. And getting you some extra energy as well as a fear.
  • Blood Shield + Swarm (ex) + Orb of Darkness: Blood Shield and Swarm used together grants you massive life steal (while passively dishing damage back), allowing you to stand your ground vs pressure and go offensive.
  • Insects + Orb of Darkness + Dark Prayer: E + M1 is already a fearsome combo, as i mentioned, and as landing M1 is easier this way, that means you can get stacks earlier, and more stacks = more M2.
  • Terror of Ahl’Buhl + Corpse Explosion + Possession: Q + Ult is awesome, Ult + Space is awesome, Space + Q is ok. Q + Ult + Space is double awesome with a bit of ok.

That’s all folks! Or is it?

Well, that’s all i have to say about this beloved fellow of ours. He is pretty tough to play, but with a lot of practice, and hopefully a good team, you’ll be topping the tps charts and being all-around awesome with him.
Lets summarize the most important things :
– Combo stuff
– Hit stuff
– Heal your mates
– Don’t be afraid when tunneled, you have tons of lifesteal and can deal good damage
– Take risks, they are worth more often than not
– Eat vegetables or risk looking like him


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