Alchemist Guide


Alchemist is a healer bloodline and is perhaps the most defensive bloodline in the entire game. With a mixture of protective spells and control spells, she can let her teammates go full offensive while she keeps them alive. Her main weakness is that her heal’s cast time is immensely slow and she lacks a real escape spell, which makes Alchemist one of the most difficult bloodlines for beginners.

 Deals 100 damage and inflicts Disease.  Disease Deals 10 damage to target and 50 damage to nearby allies of target every 2s. Increases damage taken from Toxic Vial by 20, stacks up to 3 times, lasts for 4s. Damage dealt from this effect does not break incapacitating effects. [M1] Toxic Vial

Toxic Vial is a projectile that deals a relatively weak amount of damage. However, it does apply the Disease debuff on the target and that’s where most of its power comes from. Disease stacks up to 3 times and each stack increases the damage of further Toxic Vials. In addition, it deals damage over time to the target and other nearby enemies.

In a 1v1 scenario, Alchemist can trade M1 hits and will most often come out on top. In any other scenario, though, she’s better off healing or CC’ing rather than trying to DPS.

When to use Toxic Vial?

  • When an enemy is focusing you.
 Heals ally closest to target location for 200 health and triggers Revitalize if target recovers health. As distance from impact location increases, healing decreases.  Revitalize Heals 20 health every 1,5s, lasts for 6s. [M2] Healing Potion

Without a doubt, Healing Potion is the best M2 heal in BLC. Not only does it heal a huge amount with each hit, it also applies the Revitalize buff on the target. This buff heals a bit of HP over time, which is fantastic when Alchemist needs to heal multiple teammates. She can alternate heals and the Revitalize buff will keep them alive when she’s focused on healing someone else.

When to use Healing Potion?

  • To heal your teammates. All the time, basically.
Shields self or target ally absorbing up to 460 damage. If used on self the Barrier also increases the Alchemist's movement speed by 15%, lasts up to 5s.  [Space] Barrier

Barrier is a targetable spell that casts a magical barrier around the targeted teammate. This barrier absorbs 100% of all damage that the target receives and breaks down when it absorbs too much. Thankfully, the amount of damage that can be absorbed is a lot. Also, if she Barriers herself, she gains a movespeed bonus.

Barrier is Alchemist’s only escape ability, and it isn’t even a true escape. She moves faster if the barrier is on herself, but if she’s cornered, she’s cornered. Therefore, her best defense is good positioning. Most of the time, you’ll want to throw Barrier on your teammates instead.

When to use Barrier?

  • When you or a teammate is about to be bursted down.
  • When a teammate wants to jump in and go full offensive.
Knocks enemies away from target location, removes negative effects from nearby allies, and removes positive effects from nearby enemies.  [Q] Clarity Potion

Clarity Potion is a ground target spell with a delayed effect. When the potion hits the target location, it removes all debuffs from nearby teammates, removes all buffs from nearby enemies, and pushing enemies backwards. This is such a powerful spell, especially when you purge an incapacitated teammate. You can also force enemies out of protective spells, like Thorn or Glutton’s shields.

This spell is good to use as a semi-escape spell, particularly against melee enemies. It pushes them backwards, forming some space between you and them, allowing you to walk away. Wait for them to use their gap-closing abilities first.

Clarity Potion also has an EX version, which doesn’t remove debuffs or buffs but Blinds all nearby enemies instead. It still knocks back, though, so you can use it as a push if you need it. The Blind lasts a long, long time and can give you a window of opportunity to punish the enemy while they can’t see.

When to use Clarity Potion?

  • When your teammate is incapacitated.
  • When your enemy has a shield you want removed.
  • When a melee attacker is focusing you.

When to use Clarity Potion EX?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
  • On an enemy your team is focusing.
  • On the enemy healer.
  • When an enemy is focusing you and you need to escape.
Inflicts Sleep on target and Lesser Sleep on nearby allies of target.  Sleep Incapacitates target for 2,5s, damage breaks this effect.  Lesser Sleep Incapacitates target for 1,2s, damage breaks this effect.  [E] Sleep Vial

Sleep Vial is a projectile spell that impacts the first enemy it hits, inflicting the Sleep debuff on them and the Lesser Sleep debuff on other nearby enemies. Sleep is twice as long as Lesser Sleep, so you’ll want to hit the most dangerous target with the main projectile. Damage breaks both Sleep and Lesser Sleep.

Using this spell as a way to set up combos with teammates is recommended. You can also use it to relieve enemy pressure on yourself or a teammate. As powerful as Sleep Vial is, it’s actually very easy to miss it if you aren’t careful, so don’t throw it around recklessly. If the enemy is standing still (e.g., channeling a spell), that’s the perfect time.

When to use Sleep Vial?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
  • When you or a teammate is being focused by an enemy.
  • When you want to set up a combo.
  • When you want to interrupt an enemy’s cast time or channel.
Inflicts Deadly Injection.  Deadly Injection Slows target to 20% over 2,4s, deals 140 damage to target when the effect ends. When the effect ends or gets dispelled the injection explodes dealing 100 damage and inflicts Weaken on target and on nearby allies of target. Lasts for 2,4s.  Weaken Reduces damage and healing done by 50% for 3s  [R] Deadly Injection

Deadly Injection is Alchemist’s only offensive damage spell other than M1. She fires a mid-ranged projectile that deals no initial damage but applies the Deadly Injection debuff. The debuff gradually reduces the target’s movespeed until the effect ends, when it explodes, deals damage, applies the Weaken debuff to all nearby enemies. Weaken reduces the damage done and healing done by the target.

Deadly Injection should be used whenever possible, but since Alchemist is a play-from-the-back bloodline, the most frequent opportunity for her to use this spell is when an enemy switches focus to her. When this happens, use Deadly Injection to slow them and pound away with M1s. They’ll either chase you without any Recovery HP or they’ll run away.

Deadly Injection also has an EX version, which deals instant damage and the Weaken debuff to the target and all other nearby enemies. The EX range is almost twice as long and the impact damage is proportional to the distance that the projectile traveled. Absolutely brutal when combo’d with a teammate for burst damage.

When to use Deadly Injection?

  • When a melee attacker is focusing you or a teammate.
  • Whenever it’s off cooldown and you’re in range of an enemy.
  • When you’re in a 1v1 situation (follow up with M1s).

When to use Deadly Injection EX?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together (instantly Weaken them all).
  • When you need burst damage.
Creates a large pool of goo at target location, enemies in this area are affected by Crippling Goo, lasts for 6s.  Crippling Goo Deals 70 damage every 0,5s, slows target by 40%. This effect cannot be dispelled.  [F] Crippling Goo

Crippling Goo places a massive AoE on the floor that periodically applies the Crippling Goo debuff on all enemies caught in it. This debuff deals an incredible amount of damage over time and drastically slows the target. Combined with teammates who can keep enemies in your Goo (e.g., stacked slows), you can take an enemy from full HP to dead.

The downside to Crippling Goo is that an enemy can just walk out of it. Once it’s down, it’s easy to avoid. But you can get good use out of it even if it doesn’t hurt anyone if you can force the enemy team to spread out as they avoid the Goo. Sometimes the positional advantage is worth the 100% energy.

When to use Crippling Goo?

  • When the enemy team is clumped together.
  • When an enemy has no outs remaining.
  • When you want to scatter the enemy team.

Basic Tactics, Techniques, and Combos

Artillery heal bombing. Out of all the healers, Alchemist is the most suited to playing an artillery-heal position, but that doesn’t mean you should be passive. Deadly Injection is an important defensive tool, but Alchemist’s real safety comes from safe positioning. Don’t be too aggressive, but don’t be too far from your teammates either.

Toxic Vial is dangerous. The thing about Toxic Vial’s Disease debuff is that the damage over time portion deals more damage to enemies near the target than to the target itself. This mean that Toxic Vial can deal huge amounts of damage if the enemy team is clumped together.

1v1 damage combo. If you’re in a 1v1 situation, consider the following combo: Deadly Injection > M1, M1 > Sleep (after Deadly Injection explodes). You’ll want to take advantage of the Injection’s slow and run away while M1’ing. Sleep them (the damage over time from Toxic Vial doesn’t break Sleep), heal up if necessary, and repeat.

Guaranteed Deadly Injection. If you land a Sleep on an enemy, don’t just wait for it to expire naturally. Wait until the Sleep is almost expired, then throw a Deadly Injection at the target. You’ll get the full duration from the Sleep disable AND you’ll get a free Deadly Injection hit on them. Extra DPS for very little added effort.

EX abilities vs. ultimate. Alchemist’s EX abilities are very strong. A long-duration AoE blind is often enough to completely turn around a fight, provided you hit enough targets. An instant-damage nuke that also Weakens is also strong against clumped enemies. Crippling Goo is best against clumped enemies, but most of the time, the EX abilities may be the better choice due to their AoE effectiveness but reduced energy cost.

Guaranteed Crippling Goo. If you DO want to use Goo, though, there are 2 ways to maximize its damage. One, hit them with a Deadly Injection and immediately throw the Goo right on top them. The slow will keep them from walking out of it. When they get near the edge of the Goo, throw a Clarity Potion just in front of them so it knocks them back into the Goo. Of course, this only works if the enemy has no outs remaining.

Map deficiencies. Because Alchemist has no way to cross gaps or walls (no escape spell), she has a tremendous weakness on maps with gaps, pillars, and lots of walls. She also has difficulties on smaller maps because she has to player closer to the enemy team. Baako’s Grave is notoriously bad for her, but maps like Kojo and Wadjongo can be tough, too.


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