Send in your own content!

The Submit Content feature is now available on Baako’s Rave! Send in your DIE/BLC-related stuff, and we will get it hosted for you. Upcoming bloggers and web journalists have the option of writing their own article, so please indicate via the provided option if you would like us to publish as it is.

Why should I submit content?

Publishing content such as guides, twitch streams, and more is a great way to raise your profile in the community. Gain more renown for your clan, or become a respected voice on bloodlines/strategy through your public contributions.

Also, building an internet following creates some awesome opportunities that a lot of gaming personalities enjoy today. John Bain (TotalBiscuit)Bachir Boumaaza (Athene) and Sean Plott (Day9) began their career posting stuff from just one, single game.

Why Baako’s Rave?

Baako’s Rave is on track to becoming on of the biggest resources for BLC and DIE, with a view to turn and expand coverage into other games. You can be sure that stuff that you post will not be tucked away behind 9 web clicks to gather dust – it’ll be up front and heavily trafficked by fans and prospective players from the community. With the upcoming release of Stunlock’s new title DIE, our community site is well placed to attract lots of followers from both fanbases.

The site right now is a culmination of all the great contributions and feedback we’ve received so far – a warm thanks to the awesome players that contributed!! We’re looking forward to seeing more from the community in the future ❤


Baako’s Rave hosting Dead Island: Epidemic AND BLC content!

DIE and BLC Community

We’re excited to announce that Baako’s Rave will be focusing on content from both the upcoming Dead Island: Epidemic and Bloodline Champions!

This means that all the latest updates, popular guides, streams, and more for both games will be here, in one convenient location for fans to browse. Sections on our site have been set aside for DIE guides, and you can access both the BLC/DIE forums directly from the home page.

Why not just make two separate community sites?

We know that many of our community are eager to check out Stunlock’s new game, but there is also a large player base for Dead Island keen to get a taste of DIE’s game play style. Thanks to BLCs name popping up in every second DIE article lately we can expect fresh blood in our community, and Baako’s Rave is looking forward to bridge the two fan bases! We’re looking forward to players moving back and forth between both of these awesome f2p titles – discussing, sharing ideas, and raising each other’s game.

So keep your eyes on this space, more updates coming up soon!

Site Updates, and more to come

Baako’s Rave was just splashed with a modest update.

BLC streamers KrispigtBLC, Lothars, despiteshadows, and yuRiken have popped the cherry on the Streams section. Check out the action and have a chat with these BLC veterans on their channel. Rookies should note that watching gameplay streams and interacting with experienced players is a great way to sharpen your own game, so be sure to catch these streamers when they go live! Oh.. and about this “Weekly Feature”..

What is the Weekly Feature?

This is a rotating spotlight on some of the most notable BLC streamers in our community. If you stream regularly and are a cool host to your audience, then nominate yourself for the Weekly Feature here via email or Twitter. We will help you net more viewers on your channel – putting you on the fast track to Internet stardom 😉

Baako’s Rave Launches!

Hello and welcome to Baako’s Rave, the shiny new community site for all things Bloodline Champions! Here you will find the latest updates and news on BLC development, our community, and beyond.

Why do we need a community site? Fantastic BLC content from our community trickles in from Reddit,, the forums, and more from week to week. Baako’s Rave lives and breathes this stuff, and we’ll keep informed with regular updates from one convenient location. We keep a watchful eye on news and development from Stunlock Studios, so we’ll pass on any news short of a bowel movement on to you!

We have dedicated showcases for active BLC streams, clans, and community resources (blogs, tutorials, you name it) for you to check out. Watch the contests space for upcoming tournaments, fan art competitions, and Baako’s Rave promotions. You can also jump in and browse the latest community discussions, with the direct link to the official BLC forums.

Baako’s Rave is built by BLC players, for BLC players – so you can send in your contributions via email ( Be sure to leave your comments and love in the news comments section or on Twitter.