BLC Featured Players

You ran in to them in solo match making, you played them, and you were pwned by them. Now get to know them – your fellow players from our BLC community. Learn some useful advice and some fun facts about the ppl you bump into in game.


Tell us about yourself!

– I come from Sweden and I started playing BLC back in 2011. I like to play BLC most of the time

What’s your favorite bloodline?

– My favorite Bloodline is Stalker

Describe your trickiest Stalker combo.

– M2>Space>EX1>Meteor>M1>Frostshard>M1

What advice would you give to players just starting out?

– Just be patient and learn from your mistakes. You are the one taking yourself to the top tier and no one else (if that’s your goal)

Any final comments before we kill you finish up?

– I want to give a shout out to Gazhag!


Where are you from? When did you start playing BLC?

– I’m from Sweden (or India, according to most others) from a very pretty city called Karlstad. I started playing BLC during closed beta, like Spring 2010, (thanks to) a friend having a beta invite…! I used to play at least 3-4 hours a day, now one hour+ depending on if it’s Sunday or not.

Tell us about yourself!

– My name is Carl Carlton Carlsson, or so I wish – one of the three is correct. I’ll turn 17 on September 9th. I’ll bait you and outsmart you. Used to play a bunch of Pokemon when I was younger (Pokemon Ruby with like 400 hrs play time), used to cable-link with my cousin and Poke-rape him. I quickly realised that pokemon is a game that requires too little skill, so I moved onto mashing buttons in Super Smash Bros and played through Ocarina of time like 21 times when I was eight (also played through World of Warcraft and Dota).

Fast forward 9 years and poof, I’m radiating an aura of swag.

What’s your favorite Bloodline?

– Metal Warden, I guess.

Describe your trickiest bloodline combo.

– Couldn’t find words to describe it, so I drew it instead.

Quickly draw a picture of your coolest moment in BLC.


What advice would you give to players just starting out?

– Don’t give up until you have at least 50 wins – preferably not at that point either. The game becomes more fun when you learn the basics. I’d say it takes about 250-300 games before you actually understand the depth of the game. Don’t play what others want you to play, just make your own stay as fun as possible :]

Any final comments before we have you deported finish up?

– I wanna give a shout out to my dog Winston.

Lothars is a BLC vet who’s allergic to chicken and finds curry disgusting. Check out his stream at


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