Cool story bro!


Our awesome writing staff are starting up a regular segment on our site starring you, our even-more-awesome BLC players and fans. The featured player segment will present a mini ‘5 mins of fame’ interview with one of us BLC players. All you need to do apply is submit the answers to the following questions via our submit content link.

Where are you from? When did you start BLC, and how often do you play?

Tell us about yourself! (gaming background, interests)

What’s Your favorite Bloodline?

Describe your trickiest (bloodline) combo.

Quickly draw a picture (in paint) of your coolest moment in BLC.

What advice would you give to players just starting out?

Final comments

Whip up your picture in paint (the more horrible the better), upload it to and paste the link in the submit content forms. We’re looking forward to laughing at your doodles seeing some creative stuff.


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