Dead Island: Epidemic Hands on Round up


Thousands of avid gamers and industry giants joined the crowds at Gamescom Cologne last week, and some were lucky enough to try out Stunlock’s upcoming Dead Island: Epidemic at the Deep Silver booth. Check out what they and other fans have to say about it.

Shaun McInnis (Gamespot)

Teams capture flags/points around the map, they then hold the base and can pick up supplies over time. The thing I like is that it feels different (to standard MOBA). The matches are about 10 minutes.

Martin Gaston (Gamespot)

Killing neutral zombies running around the map also gets you supplies, at a much slower rate than holding onto a flag. The team with the most amount of supplies wins. There are basic walkers, and they also have super zombies in there.

Andrew Yoon (Shacknews)

Perhaps the most interesting thing Deep Silver is attempting with Epidemic is forcing teams to complete, and cooperate, with one another. Not only will some objectives require cooperation, but super-boss zombies will occasionally appear, “requiring the cooperation of all 3 competing teams” to take down.

Kelz_dunks4life (STFU&Play)

Epidemic features an immense crafting system where players can forge their weapon arsenal of choice. There will be hundreds of weapons, trinkets and items that players can craft, and once crafted, these weapons can continue to be improved to fully suit a player’s personality and play style. Combining weapons and their effects and perks will offer an enormous range of possible setups and a new take on gameplay in this genre.

Mike Futter (Game Informer)

Familiar Dead Island zombie types and weapons make appearances, and a crafting system is under development right now. Each player has four weapon slots (toggled with the 1-4 buttons) and four different abilities (Q, E, R, F). Each character has a resistant and infected form, and instead of turning into a zombie, the infected survivors manipulate the virus to give themselves unique powers and mutations.

For instance, Sledge (likely a temporary name) is a big, slow tank. However, his resistant and infected forms play off that base archetype in different ways. His virus-ridden form gives him the ability to heal allies, taunt foes, and slam the ground after a massive leap. In order to streamline the demo, skills were automatically unlocked and upgraded when points became available.

How’s it sounding to you guys so far? Are there any features or other gameplay mechanics you’d like to see? Leave your thoughts and comments below.


Credits: Special thanks to community member Eidolon for his suggestions!!


3 thoughts on “Dead Island: Epidemic Hands on Round up

    • Do you mean that the crafting system sounds like it’s stolen from Loadout? It’s a part of the original Dead Island franchise, so I’d say it’s likely taken from there ^^

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