Stunlock’s New Title Announced

Deep Silver announces their foray into the MOBA genre with Dead Island Epidemic, developed by the one and only Stunlock Studios. Representatives at Gamescom today note that the online PVP title is cut from the same cloth as Bloodline Champions, where the game is more focused on twitch-based action.

Objectives (much like project O) involve capturing and holding points on the map, and games support cutthroat brawls with up to three teams of four for vying for map control. And of course it wouldn’t be “Dead Island” without some awesome scavenging, crafting and customization – so Techland reps tell us we can expect that too.

No release date was announced, but Baako’s Rave may have an idea on that 😉 What do you think about the new title? Will you be one of the first to play it? Leave your comments below!


Credits: Hats off to GrimGoon for tipping us off on the forums!

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