Baako’s Rave Launches!

Hello and welcome to Baako’s Rave, the shiny new community site for all things Bloodline Champions! Here you will find the latest updates and news on BLC development, our community, and beyond.

Why do we need a community site? Fantastic BLC content from our community trickles in from Reddit,, the forums, and more from week to week. Baako’s Rave lives and breathes this stuff, and we’ll keep informed with regular updates from one convenient location. We keep a watchful eye on news and development from Stunlock Studios, so we’ll pass on any news short of a bowel movement on to you!

We have dedicated showcases for active BLC streams, clans, and community resources (blogs, tutorials, you name it) for you to check out. Watch the contests space for upcoming tournaments, fan art competitions, and Baako’s Rave promotions. You can also jump in and browse the latest community discussions, with the direct link to the official BLC forums.

Baako’s Rave is built by BLC players, for BLC players – so you can send in your contributions via email ( Be sure to leave your comments and love in the news comments section or on Twitter.

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